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It’s time to get acquainted with the Zembla Mix chrysanthemum

For my birthday they gave me a wonderful white chrysanthemum in a pot of Zembla Mix variety. I liked her gorgeous flower very much. In my flower bed, a perennial chrysanthemum grows, which hibernates there, but the pot culture appeared for the first time. Tell us about the variety of chrysanthemum Zembla Mix.

Chrysanthemum Zembla Mix belongs to perennial plants that thrive both indoors and outdoors. In the open field, it is most often grown as an annual. This variety is especially popular among indoor potted flowers..

Characteristics of the variety and its subspecies

chrysanthemum zemble mix

Chrysanthemum Zembla Mix begins to bloom in early autumn. Garden chrysanthemums have large inflorescences up to 25 cm in diameter. They are most often solitary, but there are also three buds on one high (90 cm) shoot. Potted crops will be slightly smaller – up to a maximum of 12 cm in diameter.

Since the chrysanthemum has a strong stem, after cutting, the flowers can stand in a bouquet for up to three weeks..

The following are the most famous varieties of Zembla Mix chrysanthemum:

  1. Chrysanthemum Zembla Lilak. Refers to large-flowered chrysanthemums. It has rather large pink inflorescences with wide petals. The bush winters well in a flower bed and grows up to 90 cm in height.chrysanthemum zembla lilak
  2. Chrysanthemum Zembla White. The flower of this variety is large and dazzling white, sometimes has a greenish center.chrysanthemum zemble white
  3. Chrysanthemum Zembla Yellow. It is an early variety, blooms with large (up to 15 cm in diameter) yellow ball-shaped inflorescences already in September.zemble yellow chrysanthemum
  4. Chrysanthemum Zembla Lime. A bushy plant, has an unusual color: white-light green petals along the edges are painted in a lemon-greenish color.chrysanthemum zemble lime
  5. Chrysanthemum Zembla Vip. It is a hybrid variety characterized by a compact bush and many large double flowers. The color of flowers has its own peculiarity: purple-violet veins are “painted” on the pale pink petals.chrysanthemum zemble vip
  6. Chrysanthemum Zembla Purple. Has large flowers of appropriate color with a long flowering period.chrysanthemum zemble purple
  7. Chrysanthemum Zembla Pink. Possesses gorgeous large pink flowers, has the ability to maintain freshness for a long time after cutting.chrysanthemum zemble pink

Caring for chrysanthemum Zembla Mix at home

When growing this variety at home, the chrysanthemum pot should be placed in a well-ventilated place. The ideal temperature for growing will be 15 degrees Celsius, while you need to protect the chrysanthemum from direct sunlight, under which it will quickly dry out. The flower will feel best in partial shade..

Humus and sand are added to the sod land for planting chrysanthemums. The acidity of the soil should not be high, otherwise the plant will simply die.

Chrysanthemum needs to be provided with abundant watering with settled water (twice a week) and regular spraying, while preventing moisture stagnation. Young bushes are fed with complex fertilizers once a week. To accelerate growth (if necessary) cut the top of the stem. To form a large bud, the first inflorescence that appears is removed.

After the end of flowering, it is recommended to completely cut the chrysanthemum and put the pot in a cool room until spring. In the spring, a plant with emerging young branches is transplanted into new soil..

Such transplants should be done annually until the flower reaches 5 years of age, in the future they are carried out once every two years..

Chrysanthemum Zembla Mix is ​​propagated in the same way as other varieties of chrysanthemums – by cuttings, seeds or by dividing a bush.

Video on how to grow a chrysanthemum in the garden

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