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How to care for a gerbera in a pot

Tell us how to care for a gerbera? For my birthday, the employees gave me a beautiful gerbera in a pot. I took it home, now I’m thinking where to put it. How often should the flower be watered and how does it overwinter? Do the leaves fall for the winter?

how to care for a gerbera Gerberas by nature are generally garden plants. However, many growers successfully grow them as a potting indoor crop. Why not, because they feel good indoors and even bloom. In general, everything is as usual, if you know how to care for a gerbera. The set of activities is simple and includes:

  • choosing a suitable place for a flower;
  • correct watering;
  • regular feeding;
  • periodic transplants.

Most garden gerberas are tall plants. In room culture, stunted varieties are most often grown. Their height does not exceed 25 cm.

Where to put the gerbera?

gerbera on the window When choosing a place, it should be borne in mind that the bush is picky about light and temperature. East or south windows are the best option. However, even there it is better to install additional lighting in winter. This will help prolong flowering..

As for the air temperature, for the growth and flowering of gerbera, you need at least 20 degrees Celsius, or even all 24. In winter, a slight decrease is possible, but not lower than 13-15 degrees Celsius..

How to water a flower?

wateringOne of the dangers of keeping domestic gerberas is fungal diseases of the root system. Most often they occur due to improper watering. Although gerberas love moisture, its excess in the soil will not be forgiven. Watering can be done both through the pallet and along the edge of the flowerpot. The excess water that flows into the saucer should be drained. Cold water cannot be used. You can spray the bush periodically, but only the leaves. Water ingress into the outlet and on flowers is unacceptable.

Since gerbera loves high humidity, it is advisable to place the pot on a tray with water..

The frequency of feeding and replanting

feedingGerbera is demanding on nutrition, so it needs regular feeding. They are carried out every 10 days, while the concentration of the solution should be two times lower. As for fertilizers, it is better to use ready-made mineral complexes. At different stages of development, gerbera needs different nutrients, namely:

  • from mid-winter to mid-spring, nitrogen should prevail in fertilizing;
  • from summer to autumn, when the bush blooms, preparations containing potassium are used.

Gerbera does not tolerate organic matter.

Home gerbera is transplanted annually in the spring. This must be done using the transshipment method so as not to damage the roots..

How to care for a gerbera during a dormant period?

The average indoor gerbera lives for about four years. In order for it to bloom annually during this time, you need to adhere to the natural cycle of the plant. After the end of flowering, which usually lasts from summer to the end of autumn, the flower retires. Outwardly, this almost does not manifest itself in any way: the leaves remain in place, but there is no new growth. Is that very old foliage is gradually dying off. The bush seems to freeze until February. At this time, it needs to be watered rarely. Can be moved to a cooler room.

Rest at the gerbera does not last long, and at the end of winter the previous watering is resumed. The pot is returned to a warm place, to the light. The bush begins to feed and prepare for future flowering.

Some growers do not allow the gerbera to rest, keeping it warm all year round, watering and fertilizing abundantly. In this mode, the flower may well live, but half the size. Already in the third year, the plant will be depleted and disappear.

The nuances of caring for a home gerbera

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