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Planting chrysanthemums from a pot to open ground

I decided this year to grow chrysanthemums from seeds. I already have one adult bush – in the fall I transplanted it into a pot for wintering in the basement. Tell me when is the best time to plant a chrysanthemum from a pot in the open ground?

Chrysanthemums can be found in almost every flower bed. They deserve love from flower growers due to abundant and long flowering, as well as unpretentious care..

The finished plant can be purchased at a flower shop, or you can grow it yourself by seedling or by grafting shoots taken from neighbors. With proper care, young seedlings or cuttings rooted in pots will eventually develop into full-fledged bushes. And then one of the main moments comes – planting a chrysanthemum from a pot into open ground.

In order for the chrysanthemum to quickly take root and delight with its flowering already in the first year, you should pay attention to some points related to the transplant:

  • choose the right time and place;
  • prepare the soil;
  • take care of the bush regularly;
  • carry out periodic feeding.

Time and place for planting chrysanthemums

place for chrysanthemums

Both young chrysanthemums and bushes that have been dug up and planted in a pot for wintering indoors should be planted in open ground no earlier than the soil warms up. The optimum temperature of the earth layer to a depth of 20 cm is 14 degrees Celsius. Depending on weather conditions, the approximate disembarkation time is the end of May.

Chrysanthemum must be planted after the night frosts have ended. It is better to do it in the morning or in cloudy weather..

For lush flowering and the formation of large inflorescences, chrysanthemum requires good lighting, so you should avoid shady places. In addition, the site must be protected from wind and drafts. It is also not recommended to plant a plant in lowlands, where moisture accumulates – this leads to decay of the root system and further death..

Soil selection and preparation

planting chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums grow best on loose, fertile soil with neutral acidity..

Clay or sandy soil should be fertilized with organic matter (humus).

In the selected area, make holes with a distance of 50 cm from each other for large varieties, and 30 cm for other species. The depth of the planting pit depends on the size of the chrysanthemum root system (the roots should be free), but it is not necessary to deepen too much, since the roots of the plant do not develop deeper. Pour some sand into each hole and pour it over.

Caring for planted chrysanthemums and feeding

chrysanthemum bush

Further planting care includes:

  • regular watering directly under the root with settled water;
  • loosening the soil after watering;
  • weed removal.

In order to form a beautiful bush, young seedlings pinch.

To fertilize planted chrysanthemums, organic matter and complex preparations are used. In order to prolong flowering, phosphorus fertilizing is used. In just a season, it is enough to make three dressings..

Spring transplant of chrysanthemum with reproduction – video

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