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Two ways to plant morning glory sweet potatoes and the basics of flower care

When buying seeds, I came across a packet of morning glory sweet potato with beautiful purple leaves. Tell me how to plant a sweet potato Ipomoea and take care of the flower. Is it possible to sow seeds immediately on a flower bed or do you need to grow seedlings first?

morning glory sweet potato Ipomoea sweet potato can rightfully be called a universal plant. Its beautiful leaves in the shape of a heart or spreading blades have a variety of colors, and curly shoots grow into a lush vine up to 5 m long and braid everything around. The morning glory blossoms are no less impressive, when in the middle of summer blue, blue, purple or purple buds bloom in the form of funnels among the foliage. However, in addition to its decorative appearance, the flower also has culinary value – most varieties are edible and in many countries tubers, leaves and shoots are eaten.morning glory in a pot

In the vastness of our homeland, the flower is most often grown for decorative purposes, both as a garden and indoor plant. Planting and caring for the sweet potato Ipomoea is not a troublesome business, because it is also not capricious and grows well with minimal care.

Planting methods

Seed propagation is one of the most affordable methods for growing morning glory sweet potatoes. Seeds can always be found in the store, while cuttings still need to be looked for. There are two ways to sow seeds:

  1. Directly into the open ground. This should be done not earlier than the second half of May, since morning glory is very thermophilic and early shoots can die from recurrent frosts. Crops should be rare, it is advisable to lay out the seeds at once in the holes in several pieces, if necessary, the seedlings are further thinned out.morning glory in the garden
  2. For seedlings. Depending on the specific region, you can start sowing seeds at the end of March and in April, given that the seedlings grow very quickly. Place the seeds in separate containers at once, since the morning glory does not tolerate frequent transplantation. You can move seedlings to a flower bed at the beginning of summer, when the weather is warm. There should be a distance of 20-30 cm between the bushes.Ipomoea seedlings sweet potato

Ipomoea has a fairly high germination rate, but in order to speed up the sprouting of sprouts, the seeds must be soaked a day before sowing..

How to care?morning glory in bloom

Morning glory sweet potato will not give special trouble to flower growers. Caring for her is simple and consists in the following procedures:

  1. Abundant watering at first (for about a month), and then moderate. Morning glory begins to ache in constant moist soil.
  2. The introduction of ammonium nitrate during the period of active growth, complex fertilizing (without nitrogen) during the budding phase, and potassium fertilizing – at the end of summer, when the tubers ripen.
  3. Installation of support for curly lashes.
  4. Periodic pruning of weak and diseased branches. Garden morning glory, wintering in the ground, needs to be trimmed before winter and again in spring.

In regions with cold winters, morning glory bushes growing on a flower bed are dug up for the winter, having previously cut off the aboveground part, and brought into the room or they are grown as an annual flower, sowing seeds annually.

Video about growing morning glory sweet potato

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