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We take care of the Ethiopian calla lily correctly

Last year, my mother gave me her calla – a beautiful big bush. She bloomed with her every year, and for the next year I looked in vain under the leaves in the hope of finding at least one peduncle. Outwardly, the plant looks absolutely healthy, but it never bloomed. Tell me what kind of care does Ethiopian calla need at home? I guess I did something wrong.

calla lily The strict beauty of calla is liked by many growers, but not everyone takes up its cultivation. Many believe that this indoor flower requires special attention. Of course, there are some special points, but in general calla lilies are easy to breed. Having created the right conditions for the flowers, you can grow a whole collection of beautiful large plants at home, which will annually delight you with their amazing inflorescences that appear closer to winter. And if there are too many of them, you can always make bouquets and give them to friends, because calla flowers remain fresh for more than one week after cutting..

Caring for Ethiopian calla lilies at home consists in performing a number of activities, namely:

  • preparation of nutrient soil;
  • choosing a suitable place for a flower;
  • watering according to the phase of calla lily development;
  • top dressing;
  • annual transplant.

What to plant?young calla

You can start planting calla lilies in March. In nature, flowers grow in swampy areas, which must be taken into account when preparing the soil and choosing a flowerpot..

For one tuber, you need a pot with a capacity of at least 3 liters, and the pallet should be chosen deep enough (water must be in it constantly to create the required moisture level).

The soil for calla lilies is better to take nutritious and slightly acidic. Flowers grow well in a clay-peat mixture (1: 1) with the addition of one part of humus and half of sand.

Some growers also add a little river silt to the calla lily substrate..

Where to put?yellow calla

For calla lilies, you need to take a light window sill on the east side of the house. Although it needs a long day of light (at least 12 hours), burns appear on the leaves under direct rays.

The plant does not tolerate drafts, so it is better to choose a window that does not open..

The air temperature in the room should not exceed 20 degrees, but also not fall below 16 degrees, otherwise the calla will start to hurt.

How to water?

During active growth, calla lilies need regular watering to keep the soil moist, as well as spraying. With the onset of budding, the frequency of watering should be increased, but when the plant fades, gradually begin to reduce, bringing it to a minimum amount. This rest period should last from 1.5 to 2 months..

It is normal for calla lilies to wither and shed their leaves at this time. So the plant gets rid of the unnecessary deciduous part in order to accumulate strength before future flowering..

Top dressing and transplantingcalla lily transplant

As with all houseplants, calla plants are only needed during growth and flowering. To do this, use complex fertilizers with a minimum nitrogen ratio.

It is necessary to transplant the flower every year, before the calla begins to wake up after rest.

We grow calla lilies: what a flower loves and what is afraid of – video

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