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Features of bougainvillea care or why leaves fall off a flower

My beautiful bougainvillea lives in the house in winter, and in the summer I take her out into the garden under the trees. Recently I noticed that the bush loses a couple of leaves every day. Tell me why bougainvillea is dropping leaves?

bougainvillea Bougainvillea belongs to the Niktaginaceae family and is a prominent representative of ornamental plants. She earned her popularity precisely because of the foliage, although it has a very long flowering. But her flowers are small and inconspicuous, they are completely lost against the background of amazing stipules of the most diverse colors. In addition, in some bougainvillea varieties, the stipules are arranged in two rows, thus forming a kind of doubleness. For these reasons, they are often confused with inflorescences, especially for beginner growers..

It is believed that bougainvillea has a rather bearable character, and it does not present any particular problems to grow it. However, these nevertheless periodically arise, since the flower, although not capricious, is very sensitive to the slightest changes in care. One of the most common troubles is bougainvillea leaf fall. When you need to start worrying, and when you should just wait, they will tell you the reasons for this phenomenon..

The main reasons why bougainvillea sheds leaves can be:

  • natural process;
  • errors in irrigation mode;
  • rearrangement of the pot;
  • lack of light and dry air;
  • transplant consequences.

Falling as a natural process

fallen leaves

If leaf fall began with the arrival of autumn, and not in mass quantities, but gradually, you should not worry – this is how the plant prepares for a dormant period. It sheds old leaves to gain strength for the new season. In this case, the leaves may turn yellow beforehand..

Improper watering

Violation of the watering regime also leads to the loss of foliage. Bougainvillea reacts especially sharply to a lack of moisture. If we allow the complete drying out of the earthen coma, and even periodically, it is quite clear that, in an effort to survive, the bush will begin to throw off all unnecessary, in this case the foliage.

A similar situation may occur in the case of overflow of a plant, when the root system cannot cope with the abundant amount of moisture in the flowerpot and does not have time to absorb it..

The practice of experienced bougainvillea growers shows that foliage can also fall when the plant is first dried out and then watered abundantly..

Moving the pot

Bougainvillea does not tolerate frequent changes of residence at all. It is important to immediately find a suitable place for her, so that later you do not have to rearrange the flower, because as a result of touch-me-not, it showered the foliage.

The same phenomenon can occur when the flowerpot begins to twist in search of the sun, or to align a curved shoot. It is better to trim the uneven and ugly twigs, but do not twirl the pot..

Lack of light and dry air

Bougainvillea needs good lighting and can shed foliage in a dark place. The flower reacts in the same way to too dry indoor air..

During the heating season and while the plant is outside (in summer), it needs regular spraying..

Adaptation period

young bush

Like all most indoor plants, bougainvillea does not tolerate transplanting well. At first, after changing the usual pot, the bush can get sick and even crumble. To help him withstand the adaptation period easier, you can cover the pot with a plastic bag..

Video about the problems of growing bougainvillea indoors

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