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Hydrangea grows poorly – the reason and solutions

Several years ago I planted a hydrangea in the garden. The seedling has taken root well, it has grown quite well in the first year. The next season, the bush even made me happy with large pink inflorescences. But this summer there was very little young growth. If the hydrangea does not grow well, could it be because I cut it heavily in the spring? What else can inhibit growth and how to help the shrub?

hydrangea grows poorly cause More and more gardeners prefer hydrangeas. Not all garden crops can please with such colorful and abundant flowering, and large inflorescences are immediately striking. However, sometimes chic bushes upset the owners, slowing down their development. If the hydrangea grows poorly, the cause can be very different, from mistakes in care and to plant disease. Knowing what factors influence the harmonious development of culture, you can help it in a timely manner..

Hydrangea grows poorly – the cause of the problem and how to fix it

hydrangea bush A healthy strong bush annually grows young shoots, actively growing. If this does not happen and the hydrangea develops sluggishly, this may be the result of:

  • unsuccessful wintering;
  • improper trimming;
  • depletion of the soil;
  • disease or pest attacks.

What to do if hydrangea winters badly and does not grow?

hydrangea in winterNot all varieties of hydrangea have high winter hardiness, and this should be taken into account. When choosing seedlings, it is worth giving preference to those species that are capable of growing in local climatic conditions. But they will also need extra care in particularly frosty winters, especially if there is little snow. Without shelter, the root system freezes, and the above-ground part of the bush may suffer. Of course, in this case it is difficult for hydrangeas to develop adequately. You can help the shrub by carrying out sanitary pruning and providing regular complex feeding.

To help the roots, it is recommended to make a warm “pillow” of humus for the winter under the bush. It will generate heat, warming the roots, and will also serve as a fertilizer.

Effect of pruning on hydrangea growth

pruning hydrangeaAll hydrangeas, without exception, need the pruning procedure, because it stimulates the branching of the bush. However, some types require minimal intervention.. This applies to plants that lay flower buds at the tips of last year’s branches, for example, hydrangea:

  • serrated;
  • oak-leaved;
  • large-leaved;
  • prickly.

Radical pruning of these varieties of shrubs will not only slow down their growth, but also postpone flowering. Therefore, before starting a haircut, it is worth remembering which variety grows in the garden..

How to feed a weakly growing hydrangea with soil depletion?

fertilizer for hydrangeaThe growth retardation is especially noticeable on those bushes that are “starving”. Without regular feeding, the hydrangea is simply trying to survive, and there is no time for a new growth. A good impetus will be given by the introduction of nitrogen fertilizers in early spring – they will help start growth. Before laying the buds, it will be more expedient to switch to mineral complexes.

Some hydrangeas (large-leaved and paniculate) prefer acidic soils. Do not forget about this, periodically acidifying the soil with oxalic acid (2 tablespoons per bucket of water).

How to help hydrangeas with disease or pests?

hydrangea diseaseThe development of hydrangea slows down, or even the bush begins to disappear altogether if the plant attacks:

  • gray rot – needs treatment with Fundazol;
  • chlorosis – Ferovit will help;
  • powdery mildew – you will need Topaz or Skor fungicides;
  • peronosporosis – it is necessary to spray with a soapy solution with the addition of copper sulfate;
  • septoria – immediate treatment with copper sulfate.

You can free the hydrangea from pests by spraying with a soap and garlic solution. And insecticide Decis will relieve slugs and snails.

Video about the secrets of growing, good development and flowering hydrangea

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