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Why hydrangea leaves turn yellow: causes and ways to eliminate them

Tell me why hydrangea leaves turn yellow? My beauty is already the third year, and recently she began to notice that the leaves are beginning to lose their rich green color. I take care of her, as usual, however, I haven’t fertilized for a long time. Maybe this is the reason for the yellowing?

why do hydrangea leaves turn yellow Everyone loves hydrangea for its gorgeous colorful bloom, and it is not necessary to have a garden, because this plant can also live in a pot. In general, it is unpretentious, but still sometimes it becomes completely incomprehensible why the leaves of the hydrangea turn yellow. In most cases, we ourselves are to blame, forgetting to water or feed the bush in time. Be that as it may, the main thing is to detect the problem in time and find out its cause. Knowing what the problem is, it is easier to adequately respond and make the right decision. The flower will not forgive mistakes and can lose not only leaves, but also completely die. So, what can lead to the fact that the bright, juicy green foliage of the plant begins to dry out?

Why hydrangea leaves turn yellow: common causes and mistakes

If you notice that the leaf blade has turned pale and begins to take on a yellow tint, this may be the result of:

  • incorrectly chosen landing site;
  • not regulated irrigation regime;
  • nutritional deficiencies;
  • illness.

Where does your hydrangea grow?

choosing a place for hydrangea The blooming beauty loves good lighting, but at the same time suffers from direct sunlight. They cause not only yellowing, but also whole burns on the leaves. In such conditions, the hydrangea will bloom worse. Deep shadow is not suitable for the culture: the bush will begin to stretch, and the color of both leaves and inflorescences will lose its brightness.

If you made a mistake with the place for the garden hydrangea, transplant it, before it’s too late, in the openwork shade under the tree. At the same time, keep in mind that there should not be a draft that the plant does not tolerate. Place the indoor hydrangea on the east or west window that does not open.

How often do you water the bush

watering hydrangeaBoth garden and indoor hydrangeas love regular but moderate watering. Excess moisture will not only lead to yellowing of the deciduous mass. The root system, which is constantly in a waterlogged environment, will begin to rot, which will lead to the death of the plant. Water the bush only after the topsoil dries out. Consider natural rainfall for your garden hydrangea. If it rains frequently, there is no need for watering at all..

Remember that hydrangea loves acidic soil. Add citric acid to the water once a month.

When was the last time a flower was fed

fertilizer for hydrangeaLike any flowering crop, hydrangea needs a balanced diet. So she will grow more actively, and she will tie more buds. When doing this, take into account the vegetative cycle and select the appropriate fertilizers:

  • use nitrogen-containing preparations in early spring;
  • in the summer, when the bush is in bloom, apply Kemira flower complex fertilizer;
  • in the fall, make a potassium-phosphorus fertilizing to prepare the bush for wintering and laying flower buds for the next season.

The frequency of feeding is no more than 2 times a month. Can be shed with organic matter one more time (mullein infusion).

How hydrangea can hurt

powdery mildew on hydrangeasUnfortunately, even with the most proper care, the plant is not immune from various diseases.. Most often, hydrangea is affected by:

  1. Powdery mildew. Light green-yellow spots appear on the upper side of the leaves, which gradually turn brown. At the same time, the reverse side of the plate is covered with a grayish bloom..
  2. Ring spot. It appears as light spots on young foliage. If left untreated, the leaves will deform and die off..

Timely treatment with Fitosporin will help to save the plant. If the onset of the disease is missed and most of the bush is affected, stronger drugs will be needed: Topaz, Skor.

Yellowing of hydrangea leaves as a result of chlorosis – video

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