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Features of care for faded Kalanchoe

Tell me what to do with the Kalanchoe, which has faded? I heard that the bush should be completely cut off, but I’m sorry. But I also want to see flowering next year. How to do it right?

Kalanchoe faded Kalanchoe, especially its flowering varieties, are very popular among flower growers. An unpretentious succulent with lush bouquets of inflorescences of the most varied colors and shapes does not require special care, moreover, it has a very beautiful appearance. Such a plant can be used as a gift for a holiday, or to decorate your home with it. However, for all its unpretentiousness, the cultivation of Kalanchoe has one nuance, on which its flowering in the future directly depends..

After flowering, the bush should rest and gain strength. If you do not provide him with a dormant period, you can not wait for flowers..

So, what should you do when the Kalanchoe has faded? Read an article about caring for Kalanchoe!

We send the plant to restpruning

First of all, when the last buds wither on the peduncles, they should all be cut off. In addition, branches should be completely cut off, leaving stumps no more than 3 cm high.This cardinal pruning helps to rejuvenate the bush and stimulates the formation of new shoots with flower buds.

Cut tops can be rooted in soil or in a glass of water for new specimens.

trimmed KalanchoeNow the Kalanchoe needs to provide suitable conditions for rest. To do this, send the pot for at least a month and a half to a room in which:

  • poor lighting;
  • low temperature (up to 15 degrees Celsius).

For the rest period, watering the flower is sharply limited. It is enough to moisten the soil once every 3 weeks, just so that the roots do not completely dry out.

The second life of the KalanchoeKalanchoe grows back

After the flower has rested for 1.5-2 months, it can be returned to its usual conditions. In warmth and in good lighting, the stumps will wake up and begin to actively overgrow with new shoots. Now Kalanchoe needs to be watered regularly, but not too hard, so as not to rot the roots from stagnant water.

In order for the bush to be round and beautiful, you need to shape it by pinching the twigs after every third row of leaves. If you give the Kalanchoe the opportunity to grow on its own, instead of a lush bush, you can get a sloppy mess.

If, despite the rest, the plant actively grows deciduous mass, but does not even think to bloom, you can forcibly force it to do this by reducing the length of daylight hours. Within 4 weeks, the entire pot must be covered with a tight cap from about 5 pm and kept in this state until morning. This technique promotes the rapid setting of buds..

Video about the care of Kalanchoe after flowering

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