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How to care for a Chinese rose to bloom every year

Tell us how to care for a Chinese rose? A small tree was given to me by my colleagues at work. She took him home and in the summer the pot was on the open terrace. In my opinion, he felt good there, since during this time the flower grew and turned into a lush bush. But soon autumn and he needs to be taken into the house. Where is the best place to put a rose and how often you need to water it?

how to care for a chinese rose The Chinese rose is one of the most popular plants. It can often be found both in office premises and in apartments and private houses. Lush bushes or small trees will decorate the interior with their rich and bright foliage. And they also bloom very beautifully, dissolving large inflorescences, really a bit like a garden rose. They can be plain or stuffed, and the coloration is mainly in white, red and yellow. At home, the plant feels good, but to enjoy its flowering every year, you need to know how to care for a Chinese rose. If you do everything right, the rose will turn from a small bush into a real small tree and will bloom regularly.

How to care for a Chinese rose and what you need to pay attention to

The flower is also known as Chinese hibiscus and in general it is a rather unpretentious plant. It can grow with minimal care, but there are some rules to follow to see flowers.. Among them:

  • comfortable conditions of detention;
  • suitable soil;
  • correct watering;
  • balanced feeding;
  • timely pruning.

Temperature and lighting for hibiscus

lighting The Chinese rose is not particularly demanding and can even grow in a shaded room. On the one hand, this will improve the color of its leaves, making it deeper, but it will negatively affect the flowering. For hibiscus to form buds, it needs good lighting, but without fanaticism. From direct sunlight, the leaves wither and ugly light spots appear on them..

Indoor rose loves warmth, but it can overwinter in light coolness (about 6 ° C heat). But in the summer it is best to put the pot outside under the trees – there the flower will begin to actively grow new shoots.

With regard to air humidity, hibiscus loves moisture. However, dry air is not very scary for him, especially if the leaves are often sprayed.

What soil does indoor hibiscus need??

the soilThe Chinese rose is not very demanding on the composition of the soil and can survive even in ordinary soil from the garden. But for the development to be more active, it is better that the substrate is loose and nutritious. It will be easier for the roots to grow and breathe, and moisture will not stagnate. It’s a good idea to add humus – it will provide useful substances. And the sand will provide air and water circulation.

How often to water?

wateringWatering for hibiscus is one of the most important cultivation basics. Here you need to find the “golden mean”, since both the bay and overdrying are undesirable for a flower. In constantly moist soil, roots begin to rot, and from a lack of moisture, wilting and leaf fall begins..

In summer, hibiscus is often watered, especially if it is outside. In winter, the time between waterings is increased, but the substrate must not be allowed to dry completely.

What to feed?

fertilizersIn the spring-summer period, hibiscus needs additional feeding, while choosing fertilizers should be done carefully. Although the crop is flowering, not all fertilizers are suitable for this group of plants. Most of all, hibiscus needs potassium and magnesium, but care should be taken with nitrogen and phosphorus. From an overabundance of the first, the flower begins to “fatten” and stops blooming, and the surplus of the second element reduces the quality of flowering. Top dressing is applied every 10 days.

Siliplant will help to provide the rose with magnesium, as well as fertilizer for conifers Greenworld. And the balanced composition of potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen for this flower is contained in the universal fertilizer for potted Pocon.

When to trim?

pruningThe Chinese rose is one of those plants that lends itself well to shaping. Regular haircut helps not only to improve the health of the bush, but also to give it a magnificent shape. At the end of winter, the shoots that have elongated over the season are shortened, both old and young. Then, after the end of flowering, you need to trim all the branches that gave the bud. In addition, thickening shoots growing inside the crown and vertically located branches are completely removed..

Features of caring for hibiscus in summer and winter

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