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Asparagus Meyer – are fluffy tails so capricious

Tell me how capricious Meyer’s asparagus is? This amazing flower was given to me by a friend for my birthday. He has been living with me for about a month, until he feels normal. I would like to know how to properly care for a bush and what he loves.

asparagus meyer Perhaps, of all the varieties of asparagus, the most beautiful and unusual is Meyer’s asparagus. Its fluffy long twigs, gracefully curving under their own weight, resemble the tails of a mysterious beast. Some growers believe that it is unpretentious. In others, the original bush received the fame of a capricious plant. In fact, growing asparagus isn’t all that difficult. If you provide him with comfortable conditions and pay a little attention, you can get a gorgeous plant. It will not only decorate the window and the room, but can also be used for bouquet arrangements..

Did you know that the closest relative of asparagus is the asparagus beans? And although one of the crops is a flower, and the second is a vegetable, both of them belong to the asparagus family..

Asparagus Meyer – characteristic features of the plant

asparagus in pots One of the many species of asparagus (there are more than 300 of them) grows as a herbaceous shrub, consisting of straight thick shoots. Their length can reach 1.5 m, and the diameter of the bush itself is almost 1 m. Such a “broad nature” is formed due to numerous small branches on the central branches. There are so many of them that it seems as if the shoots are covered with needles. In this case, the side branches themselves are completely covered with very small leaves in the form of scales. To complete the original look, the plant will surprise you with a rich green color, which changes from light to darker tones. The root system is developed, consists of fleshy thick roots.

With proper care, at the beginning of summer, small flowers bloom on the stems, among the lateral branches. They look like white bells. The diameter of each does not exceed 5 mm. At the end of flowering, fruits are tied – burgundy oval berries with a diameter of up to 10 mm. Several seeds ripen in them..

Despite their decorative appearance, asparagus seeds can only be used for propagation. It is categorically impossible to eat them due to their toxicity..

How to care for a fluffy green pet

asparagus bloomIn order for the branches to always remain lush and have a rich color, it is better to put the pot on the eastern or western windowsill. Asparagus Meyer loves good lighting, but the direct rays leave burns on the delicate foliage. In winter, he may need additional lighting or “moving” to the south window. The daylight hours of the plant should not be less than 12 hours..

One of the most common mistakes when growing a bush is too high a temperature in the room. Asparagus does not like this, moreover, he should spend the winter in a cool place (about 15 ° C). At the same time, the temperature must not be allowed to drop below 12 ° C, otherwise the flower will die..

Taking care of a fluffy bush is not difficult, the main thing is to observe the measure in everything. It is enough to carry out such events:

  1. Water regularly with soft water, preventing the soil from drying out. However, during a cool winter, watering should be minimal..
  2. In spring and summer, twice a month, feed with a mineral complex for decorative – deciduous plants. In autumn and winter, it is enough to apply fertilizer once a month..
  3. Prune old shoots. At the same time, the bush does not need formative pruning, since it belongs to non-branching plants..
  4. Transplant every two years into a larger pot.

But what the flower really loves is the increased humidity of the air. It can and should be frequently sprayed and even bathed..

Meyer’s asparagus is propagated by seeds and vegetatively (by dividing an adult bush and cuttings).

Growing asparagus indoors – video


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