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How to properly close pies with filling – practical advice from experienced housewives

Tell me how to properly close the filled pies. Last year I graduated from high school and went to college in another city. I live in a hostel, but we have a wonderful company. The girls are friendly, we often get together in the kitchen in the evening and cook something together. Most often these are fried pies, but here’s the bad luck: while they are fried, many open up and part of the filling, especially jam, flows out. Maybe we don’t close them somehow?

how to properly close pies with filling Baked or fried pies can be either a separate dish or a sweet dessert for tea after a light dinner. Perhaps all the housewives prepare them, because it is simply impossible not to love such a delicacy. To make baked goods or fried products not only tasty, but also beautiful, it is important to know how to properly close the pies. They can be of very different shapes: oval, round, triangular, open or closed … However, the presence of the filling inside suggests that it remains there. Sometimes poorly sealed edges separate and the filling spills out during frying or baking. It is especially offensive if these are sweet pies, because as a result they burn. Experienced housewives know how to keep the dough from spreading, and today we will reveal these secrets to you..

How to properly close filled patties

beautiful pigtail seam To prevent the products from sticking, observe some subtleties:

  1. Place a small saucer of sunflower oil next to it and dip your fingers into it, covering the pies. If you do it without oil, do not forget to take additional flour..
  2. Squeeze the edges tightly, it is advisable to walk twice back and forth.
  3. Egg white will serve as an additional fastening agent. Whisk it lightly and brush around the edges of the patty that you want to hold together..
  4. Cover pies stuffed with meat, fish and vegetables completely so that they are juicy. But cottage cheese or jam themselves contain enough moisture, so products with them can be open.

Do not place yeast dough products directly in the oven. The workpieces should stand for at least a quarter of an hour, just cover them with cling film. The pies will rise and be more fluffy. And before sending the baking sheet to the oven, brush them with whipped yolk. It will give a beautiful ruddy crust.

Making beautiful pies – closing options

envelopesThe simplest, round or oval, patty is easy to make. Place the filling in the center, join the edges of the blank and go along the entire seam, squeezing the dough tightly. Then lightly flatten the product in the palms of your hands and place on a baking sheet or pan with a seam downward. In this case, the top is flat..

Or you can make the fastening seam an ornament by decorating it in an original way, for example:

  1. Weave a pigtail. Prepare rectangular pieces of dough, place the filling in the center, and cut the edges on both sides. Now braid them, laying the resulting strips one by one one by one. Pinch off the ends and hide.
  2. Make envelopes. Cut out squares or rectangles from the dough, place the filling in the middle. Connect the ends diagonally. Walk at the seams, twisting them into jgutiki.

How to close up pies beautifully and firmly – video

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