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Features of caring for the most fragrant indoor plant – jasmine

They gave me indoor jasmine for my birthday. I don’t really like creeper plants, but this bush just charmed me with its white fragrant flowers. Tell me how to properly care for jasmine so that it blooms so beautifully in the future?

jasmine sambac Saying “jasmine”, most immediately imagine a huge bush in the garden, covered with small white inflorescences that give off a heady smell. But this is not a single specimen of a plant – it has more than 300 species. Among them there are also indoor flowers grown indoors. There are few of them, only four varieties, but most often on the windowsills you can find sambac jasmine – an evergreen plant with creeping stems and long flowering. Its inflorescences are medium in size, can be either simple or double, and they also exude a sweet smell characteristic of the plant..

In general, this culture is not particularly whimsical, but in order for it to bloom annually, you need to know some of the nuances of how to properly care for jasmine..

Temperature and lighting

jasmine on the window

Jasmine is a thermophilic plant and grows well when the air temperature in the room is about 24 degrees Celsius. However, with the arrival of autumn, the pot must be moved to a cooler room..

Avoid placing a jasmine pot in your bedroom as its heavy sweet scent can cause headaches..

The optimum temperature for wintering jasmine is 10 degrees Celsius; at a higher temperature, the plant will actively grow young leaves and shoots, but will not bloom next year.

All types of jasmine have delicate leaves and are sensitive to direct sunlight, from which they get burns. Diffuse lighting is what a flower needs, so east or west is most suitable for growing jasmine.

Watering and feeding mode

In the summer, it is necessary to water the flower every other day, preventing the soil from drying out, but not flooding it. The top layer of soil in the pot should dry out between waterings. In winter, jasmine is watered less often..

To maintain the high level of moisture that the plant needs, it should be sprayed frequently. The exception is the wintering period in a cool room..

You can spray only the leaves, avoiding water getting on the inflorescences.

Starting from mid-spring, jasmine should be fed twice a month with complex mineral fertilizers..


trimmed jasmine

In order for the jasmine bush to grow lush and beautiful, it must be cut regularly. This should be done in early spring, until he moved away from wintering and active growth began. Too long branches can be cut to half of their length, from the rest, remove a third part.

In addition, to stimulate branching, each month, from spring to autumn, you should pinch the tops of the branches..

Indoor jasmine care video

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