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Do you know what sweetie is and how it is eaten?

Tell me what sweetie is and how is it eaten? Dad brought a couple of green fruits from a business trip. We thought at first that it was a grapefruit, only unripe, and put it in a vase to ripen. But now the second week is over, and the fruits have not changed their color, and one even began to deteriorate. I went to throw it out, met a neighbor who said that it was sweets, he saw such in some magazine. So they will be green, and edible in general, and what to do with them?

what is sweetie and how is it eaten There are so many exotic fruits on the shelves of modern supermarkets. Pamelo, avocado or feijoa are no longer a wonder, but not everyone knows about sweets. If you are a citrus lover too, then you should definitely know what sweetie is and how it is eaten. Because, unknowingly, you can easily throw away a tasty and healthy fruit or walk past it in the store. And all because the green color of the peel makes most of us think that the fruit is green, which means it is not tasty. However, in fact, this is not at all the case, and now we will find out everything in detail..

What is sweetie and how is it eaten

sweets The parents of the exotic fruit are pamela and white grapefruit. And the purpose of its breeding was to improve the taste of these crops. Sweetie got its beautiful color and rich taste of juicy pulp from pamela, but at the same time its size remained almost the same as that of grapefruit. But the breeders managed to get rid of a large number of seeds and bitter taste..

The main supplier of sweets are warm countries – China, Italy, Spain. In the wild, it grows on evergreen trees up to 4 m high, ripens in clusters, which can contain up to a dozen fruits. With industrial cultivation on plantations, the height of the plantations is made more convenient for harvesting, up to 2 m.And if desired, the sviti can also be grown at home by planting seeds.

The fruits of the sviti are not as large as those of the pamela, only about 11 cm in diameter, but they have a similar peel, very thick. After cleaning, up to 40% of the total weight of the fruit goes to the trash can. Therefore, given the high price of these exotics, it is not surprising that not everyone buys them..

The skin on top has a deep green color, which does not change even after full maturation. The pulp is grainy, very juicy, with a strong citrus aroma, sweet, and without bitterness and almost pitted.

However, the white film on the slices is a little bitter, so it is usually peeled.

How can you eat sweets

how to clean and eat sweetsThe method of consumption depends on what you want to get from the citrus fruits:

  1. To juice the fruit, just cut it in half and squeeze it out.
  2. If you need pulp, then you need to make several cuts on the peel of the sweat and remove the peel, like from a pamela. Then remove the white shell from each lobule.

Sweets can be eaten not only fresh. It is added to meat and fish dishes, salads. They also make jam, candied fruits and marmalade.

How to quickly and easily clean sweets

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