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How to plant dill so that it sprouts quickly?

In my dacha, dill grows by itself: wherever he pleases and when he wants. I decided to cultivate this fidget and plant him in the beds. So that it grows in its place, and greens appear early. Advise how to plant dill so that it sprouts quickly?

There is always a place for fresh herbs in the kitchen, so the question of how to plant dill so that it sprouts quickly is especially relevant. There is nothing complicated in this process. The most important thing is to properly prepare the seeds for planting..

dill in the garden

When sowing dill on a garden bed, you also need to first:

  • choose a landing site and prepare a bed;
  • decide on the time of sowing dill;
  • sow the seeds correctly.

Seed preparation

In order for the sown seeds to sprout faster, they must first be processed. Processing includes:

  1. Soaking in water to test for germination. Before soaking the dill seeds, they are rinsed in hot water to rinse off the essential oils. They delay pecking. Then the seeds are placed in a cloth and soaked for 2 days. After the expiration of this period, empty seeds must be selected.seed preparation
  2. Soaking in potassium permanganate for disinfection. To make the seedlings of the plant hurt less, after the seeds swell, they are dipped in a solution of potassium permanganate of bright pink color for 3 hours. In the absence of potassium permanganate, it can be replaced with warm hydrogen peroxide (3%), but then the soaking time is reduced to 6 minutes.soaking dill seeds

The treated seeds must be rinsed again with plain water before sowing..

Choosing a planting site and preparing the garden

For dill, you need to choose an area that is well lit by the sun, since in the shade it will stretch strongly and will not give a lush green mass. Dig up the beds in the fall or spring. Immediately before sowing, loosen the soil again to allow unhindered access of water to the seeds..

For the normal development of seedlings, fertilize the soil with humus, superphosphate, ammonium nitrate before planting. Nitrogen fertilizers are applied only in the spring, the rest of the dressing can be done in the fall when digging the beds.

To make the seeds sprout faster, water the beds abundantly before sowing..

Dill sowing dates

sowing dill seeds

To get greens in May, dill seeds are sown in the garden in April. In order to have a fresh spice until autumn, you can plant dill in several approaches..

Sowing seeds before winter will speed up the first harvest by 2 weeks. To do this, the seeds are sown before the first snow (at the beginning of November), while the depth of the beds should be 2-3 cm more than with spring sowing. It is advisable to cover the sown bed.

Sowing seeds

young dill

Dill is sown not very deeply – no more than 2 cm deep. To make it convenient to take care of it in the future, the row spacing should be about 20 cm. Lightly sprinkle the planted seeds with earth on top. Since sowing is done in moist soil, re-watering after planting is not required..

On average, seeds emerge two and a half weeks after planting. The first shoots are recommended to be thinned to increase the yield of dill and in the future to do this regularly so that the plantings do not thicken.

If the dill began to turn yellow, it means that it lacks moisture..

To stimulate the growth of lateral shoots, pinch the tops. The first greens can be cut in a month..

Video on how to sow dill and when

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