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Salt mackerel at home: how to do it right

Recently, while visiting a friend, I tried homemade mackerel. The fish did not differ at all from the store fish, it seems to me, it was even tastier. In a hurry, I forgot to ask for a recipe for such a delicacy. Tell me how to salt mackerel? How much of it needs to be kept in the marinade so that the fish has time to feed?

how to salt mackerel What could be tastier than homemade salted fish, cooked with your own hands from fresh and natural products? Perhaps only mackerel is juicy, moderately fatty, smelling of spices and seasoned with love. For an experienced housewife, there is nothing difficult in how to salt mackerel, but if you are doing this for the first time, we suggest using our recommendations. You need a minimum of ingredients: the fish itself and spices for dressing the marinade. So let’s get started.

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We prepare the fishcarcass

The first step is to purchase mackerel. It is better if it is fresh, but the frozen carcass will also come off, the main thing is that it does not turn out to be old, which lies in the freezer for an unknown amount of time, otherwise it will ruin everything.

Fresh fish should be light gray in color without any hint of yellowness, emit a light characteristic aroma, firm and slightly moist to the touch. You need to choose large or medium carcasses, small ones have a lot of bones and little fat.

Now we clean the mackerel:

  • chop her tail and head (the latter, if desired, can also be salted, after removing the gill);
  • choose giblets;
  • remove the black film inside;
  • rinse well and let dry.

You can salt the mackerel whole or in pieces.

Making a marinadefish and pickle

There are many recipes for making marinade, each housewife adds different spices to her taste. Someone loves a piquant note and puts cloves, coriander and basil for this, while others even salt them in tea leaves. We offer you to use the classic method and make the simplest marinade from the products that are always available in every kitchen..

For this you will need:

  • rock salt – five tablespoons;
  • granulated sugar – three of the same spoons;
  • 10 black peppercorns;
  • lavrushka – 4 leaves;
  • mustard powder – half a tablespoon.

All ingredients are per liter of water. This is enough to salt two medium mackerels, but if there are more fish, we accordingly increase the amount of marinade.

Prepare the marinade as usual: bring the water to a boil, add all the spices, let it boil for a couple of minutes and remove it from the stove. Cover with a lid and leave to infuse and cool to room temperature.

Salt the fishsalted mackerel

The most important, but easy, part of the work remains – to put the mackerel in glass or plastic dishes, pour the marinade and refrigerate. The whole carcass should be salted in about three days (depending on the size of the fish), and if you marinate the pieces, you can eat them in a day. This is how quickly and easily you can salt the mackerel yourself. It will be a little cheaper than buying ready-made fish, and it certainly tastes better..

Video on how to salt mackerel with dry salting without water

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