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At what age can a child be given a pomegranate and how

Tell me, at what age can a child be given pomegranates? My daughter comes to us for the summer with a baby, the granddaughter is only 1.5 years old. She is very lively and curious, trying to taste everything. Parents take advantage of this and slowly introduce fruits into the diet. For example, our little girl simply adores apples, and she also enjoys “sharpening her teeth” on carrots. The question about the pomegranate did not arise by chance – the last check at the hospital showed low hemoglobin. At one time, I also raised him with pomegranate juice for my daughter..

at what age can a child be given a pomegranate It’s no secret that a growing child’s body needs vitamins, so fruits must be on the menu. One of the most useful fruits is considered to be pomegranate, because it is not for nothing that doctors recommend it to pregnant women. But at what age can a child be given a pomegranate, given the characteristics of the fruit? First of all, we are talking about the bones, which are located in the juicy nucleoli. Do not forget about the high acid content. Moreover, one should take into account the characteristic color of the fruit, which occupies one of the first places in the list of allergens. And if for adults this is nothing, then for young mothers it is a whole problem..

At what age can a child be given a pomegranate

baby eating pomegranate The weak stomach of the little man is acutely and not always positively perceives new food, especially in infants. The increased acidity of pomegranate can cause inflammation of the mucous membrane of the digestive tract, so you should not rush in this case. Breastfed babies under the age of 1 year should definitely not be given pomegranates. However, the “art” too. But for older children, it is quite permissible to start acquaintance with this exotic fruit..

Given the presence of bones, the introduction to complementary foods has its own age recommendations, namely:

  1. The first acquaintance with pomegranate in children over one year old should begin with pomegranate juice.
  2. Seeds can only be given to children over 3 years old. At this age, babies already understand a lot and will be able to chew and spit out a bone..

The exception is children with an increased tendency to allergies. It is better for them to try pomegranate no earlier than in the fourth year of life..

How to properly introduce vitamin fruit into the baby’s diet

when to give pomegranate seedsAs already mentioned, it is better for children from 1 to 3 years old to give freshly squeezed pomegranate juice. It should be remembered that undiluted it harms the tooth enamel and stomach. The first “dose” of the vitamin drink (juice + water) should not exceed 1 tsp. If the allergy has not manifested itself, you can gradually increase its amount. However, you should not do this daily, twice a week is enough..

When choosing fruits for children, it is worth remembering that they contain a lot of acid. Only ripe and sweet pomegranates should be purchased.

Children over 3 years old can be given whole pomegranate seeds, but in small quantities. Don’t worry if your child swallows the bones. They will come out without any problems with the feces, the main thing is that there are not too many bones. But the real problem can be caused by the peel swallowed by the baby due to the content of dangerous alkaloids in it..

How useful is pomegranate – video

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