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How to pickle beans for the winter – harvesting beans and asparagus

Tell me how to pickle beans for the winter? In our family, this is the most favorite product, so I always plant a lot of it, both ordinary white sugar and asparagus. Last year the harvest was weak, but this season I just don’t know what to do with it. I decided to try to preserve.

how to pickle beans for the winter It is difficult to imagine borscht without beans, but as a separate dish it is generally the most satisfying product. To save the harvest and save time, many housewives come up with different ways of pickling beans for the winter. As you know, beans tend to cook for a long time. By preserving them in jars, you will get a ready-to-eat dish. White and red beans can be used for the same borscht, salad or legume puree. And pickled asparagus beans are a great ready-made garnish for meat or fish..

Canning grain beans

white beans Which beans to use, white or red, there is no difference, it all depends on individual preference. The main thing is that they are of the same grade, otherwise the beans will boil unevenly. The beans must be sorted out, removing debris and damaged ones. Then boil until tender.

To cook the beans faster, you need to soak them. If the beans are only from the garden, 1 hour is enough, but it is better to leave dry beans in water overnight.

There are many recipes for harvesting beans. When you need to do everything quickly, the option without sterilization is suitable, then in this case it is advisable to add tomato paste or vinegar. Natural beans are usually sterilized to keep them well.

A simple recipe for winter beans without sterilization

beans without sterilizationThe classic way to prepare beans is to boil them.. For 1 kg of beans (red or white) you will need:

  • 3.5 liters of cooking water;
  • 120 g of sugar and salt;
  • 3 tsp vinegar.

Other spices can be added if desired. Soak the beans overnight, change the water in the morning, fill the specified amount, and boil. In the middle of the process, add sugar and salt, and vinegar at the end, before putting into jars. Roll up and wrap up with a blanket.

Sterilized beans in their own juice

red beans in their own juicePour 1 kg of pre-soaked beans in 5 liters of clean water. Cook for an hour, season with salt to taste and cook until tender. Arrange in jars together with a bowl, sterilize for 15 minutes, roll up, wrap.

How to pickle beans for the winter – stock up on asparagus

asparagusLooks beautiful in jars and no less tasty asparagus beans. You can just open it and eat it crunching with juicy pods. For winter harvesting, only young pods with a length of no more than 9 10 cm should be used. Larger and older beans will be tough and not so juicy.

You can check if the asparagus is suitable by breaking it. If the pod is smooth on top, with no bulges above the beans and breaks with a crunch, this is the ideal product..

pickled asparagusMarinating asparagus isn’t difficult. The fastest option, which does not require cooking, is to sterilize the pods in the marinade. To do this, cut 1 kg of pods into pieces and blanch them for 1 – 2 minutes. Then put in containers with a volume of 0.5 liters and pour marinade (for 1 liter of water – 100 g of sugar, 1 tablespoon of salt, 70 ml of vinegar). Sterilize a quarter of an hour, roll up.

How to preserve beans in tomato paste – video

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