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What is the name of salt with spices and herbs or a piece of Georgia in your kitchen

Tell me what is the name of the salt with spices and herbs? We were visiting friends, we were treated to incredibly tasty and aromatic baked fish. There was a distinct smell of garlic and coriander, and some other spices. When I asked what spices they rubbed it with, the hostess said that it was a special salt. I want to buy one for myself, but I forgot the name.

what is the name of the salt with spices and herbs Do you love aromatic spices and almost no dish is complete without their use? Then you probably know what salt with spices and herbs is called and how it differs from ordinary kitchen salt. Of course, you can salt, for example, meat separately, and then grind it with various spices. But when salt already soaked in spices is added to the workpiece, it acquires a different taste. What kind of seasoning is this and where to use it?

What is the name of the salt with spices and herbs

Svan salt

Aromatic salt came to us from Georgia and is known as Svan salt. Its base is ordinary rock salt, only crushed and absorbed the aromas and oils of various spices and spices. It is thanks to this that it is not only a valuable, but also a healthy seasoning, which at times doubles the taste and nutritional value of dishes..

The original Georgian recipe for Svan salt includes herbs and spices popular in its homeland. So, in addition to salt, it includes:

  • inflorescences of yellow marigolds (they are also Imeretian saffron);
  • fenugreek or utskho – suneli (spices obtained from this plant);
  • ground red hot pepper;
  • fresh garlic;
  • coriander;
  • Dill seeds;
  • gitsruli (a spicy herb that grows only in the mountainous region of Georgia, in the northwest).

Instead of table salt, sea salt is often used, which in no way diminishes the value of the seasoning. The main aroma does not depend on the salt, but on the specific spices that are added to the mixture. But a specific garlic note is inherent in any variation of the seasoning..

Where is Svan salt used

where Svan salt is usedGeorgian salt will give dishes a new flavor and diversify the diet. You can add it to almost all recipes, both from vegetables and with fish or meat. Svan salt is suitable for vegetable salads, omelet, soup, stew. It can be used to salt baked vegetables and all potato dishes. Any fish, fried, baked or lightly salted, will also be good. The seasoning can even be used for baking, but not sweet, because it will give it an uncharacteristic smell. But all the pies, pies and flat cakes with meat or vegetable filling will smell in a new way..

How to make Svan salt at home – video

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