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Two ways to grow Victoria rhubarb seeds

In the summer, a neighbor treated me to unusual leaves, they turned out to be Victoria rhubarb. I had never tasted anything like it, but I liked their taste so much that I begged her for some seeds. Tell me how is growing from seeds at Victoria rhubarb?

rhubarb victoria Rhubarb Victoria is one of the most delicious varieties of garden culture in the truest sense of the word. Its juicy leaves can be used not only for making salads or borscht, but even in cooking. Unfortunately, rhubarb is not often found in summer cottages, but in vain, because there is practically no need to take care of it, besides, the plant is still very useful and will pamper the harvest at a time when vegetables are just beginning to ripen on the other beds..

Having planted rhubarb once on the site, you can provide yourself with vitamins for a long time, because it is a perennial.

Victoria rhubarb is grown from seed in one of the following ways:

  • seedling;
  • sowing directly to the garden.

How to grow rhubarb seedlings?

rhubarb seedlings

Before sowing seeds, they must be sent for germination. This can be done in mid-spring in the following way:

  • fold the seeds into a small piece of cloth;
  • place it on a saucer;
  • moisten a cloth abundantly with water;
  • put the saucer on a light windowsill.

Periodically, the fabric must be moistened so that it is wet all the time until sprouts appear.

Sprouted rhubarb seeds must be dried before sowing. Then carefully put the seeds in the prepared nutrient soil, being careful not to damage the fragile sprouts. They do not need to be deeply buried in the ground, a depth of 3 cm is enough.

The grown seedlings, if necessary, are thinned out and grown in pots until the end of summer, watering and feeding it. At the end of August, the matured bushes should be transplanted to a permanent place in the garden.

Sowing seeds in open ground

rhubarb in the garden

Rhubarb loves rich soil, so before planting on the selected area, you need to add organic matter and dig it up.

You can sow rhubarb in the garden both in early spring and before winter.

On the site, make shallow grooves and scatter seeds over them densely (it is necessary to sow with a margin, since the germination of seeds is quite low). When the crops grow up, get stronger and form several leaves (usually this does not happen until May), they break through. In this case, it is necessary to leave a distance of 20 cm between seedlings. Further cultivation of rhubarb consists in watering the plants, loosening the beds and killing weeds..

Growing rhubarb – video

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