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Effective ways to deal with a bear

Several years ago, we bought a house in the village and moved there to live, leaving our daughter’s apartment in the city. At first, my wife was very happy that she had her own vegetable garden, where she could grow vegetables, fruits and berries for her grandchildren. As it turned out, we did not appreciate all the possible nuances, for example, what kind of garden we would literally have to fight for. Having started a small farm, already in the second year they felt the disadvantages – a bear appeared in the dung heap. This infection has gradually moved to the beds, and now spoils our entire harvest. Tell me how to deal with the bear and is it possible to drive her away from the site forever? There is no more strength to look at the eaten vegetables.

how to deal with a bear If you regularly water your beds, but the plants continue to wilt, and passages are gnawed in the potatoes, take a closer look at the ground. Did you see small mounds next to the round mink holes? This means that a new tenant has appeared on your site called a bear. This large insect harms not only underground, digging tunnels and damaging the root system of plants, as well as eating up the insides of root crops. It is not averse to feasting on the above-ground part of the cultures, while the bear has a unique ability to move in all ways. She crawls, flies and even swims. Catching or destroying this large insect is not an easy mission, but still quite doable. After all, if you give him complete freedom, you can forget about plans for the harvest. There are many ways to deal with a bear. Among them there are both chemical and folk methods invented by inventive gardeners. All of them are quite effective when taken seriously. So, let’s look at the most effective ways to get rid of this pest..

Chemical attack or drugs against the bear

drugs against bear In specialized stores, there are many means to protect garden and horticultural crops from pests, including against the bear. Most of these are granules that are poured directly into the burrows.. Among them, drugs work well:

  • Medvetox;
  • Thunder;
  • Bankcol;
  • Phenaxine plus.

How to deal with a bear in folk ways?

Many gardeners have their own secrets of how to get rid of the pest, based on observations and many years of practice. Various traps and baits give the maximum effect. Solutions based on improvised means that kill insects or force them to leave their burrows also work well..

Deep loosening of the soil several times per season will not only increase the air permeability of the soil. So you can find bear nests and get rid of the eggs until a new batch hatches from them..


trapsThey are made from plastic bottles or glass containers, which are placed in a product that pests like.. This could be:

  • beer;
  • honey.

When there are many bears in the trap, they are taken out and destroyed..


baitThe principle of operation of baits is similar to traps, only manure acts as an “attracting” substance. It is in it that bears like to settle and lay eggs.. It is best to make baits selectively and at a certain time of the year, spreading small piles around the site:

  • early spring – at this time insects begin their breeding season, that is, they are looking for a place for laying;
  • late autumn – then the bears are looking for a place for wintering.

After a while, the traps are examined and all pests are removed along with the manure and destroyed..

Use of improvised means

improvised meansSoapy water can help get rid of the bear. It is poured into holes, flooding pests or destroying them when they begin to flee..

And there are also some things that the bear does not like and does not even tolerate. For example, having tasted the eggshells poured into the mink, she will die, and certain plants will not kill her, but will be sent off the site. So, between the beds it is good to plant marigolds, chrysanthemums, calendula. The bear also does not like the aromas emanating from fish, onions, garlic, mint and pine needles.

We make the poison for the bear ourselves – video

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