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Help get rid of the wireworm

We had a good harvest of potatoes this year, but then we were upset to see that most of the tubers were spoiled by wireworms. Dear summer residents! Advise how to remove this attack from the site, what control measures are most effective against this pest.

wireworm potato pest The wireworm really brings a lot of problems, especially it harms potatoes. To combat it, you can use various baits that scare off infusions, someone, not sparing themselves and their loved ones, poison the earth with chemistry.

The first method is onion skins. It can be collected over the winter, laid out in the planting holes, you can soak the tubers before planting in its infusion. The smelly smell of rotten onions is not to the liking of a dangerous pest. The wireworm does not like the mustard smell, therefore, when planting, it is advisable to pour it into the holes.

Killing weeds, especially wheatgrass, also reduces the wireworm population. To get rid of weeds, you can use two methods – continuous mulching of the soil and the use of green manure. Rye completely destroys wheatgrass in two winter crops.

Lures from succulent root vegetables buried in the garden (just mark the places so as not to forget) gather wireworm herds. But this activity must be performed systematically – every three to five days..

Jars filled with young potato leaves and buried flush with the soil can be used as traps. These traps attract the parents of the wireworm, the click beetles. Traps are checked every two days, bugs are destroyed and the bait is renewed.

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