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How to use Aktofit – biological insecticide against many pests

How to use Aktofit for spraying potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle? Last year, I processed tubers before planting, but this season I could not. I always plant a lot, we have a big family, and before the children helped. But now they are studying in another city, so they had to do everything myself in the spring. I decided that it would be better then my son would come and sprinkle the beds, but I already regret this rash decision. The bushes are still small, and there are already a lot of beetles on them. A neighbor advised Aktofit, says that after two procedures the pests disappear. What are the consumption rates?

how to use actofit Insecticides in horticulture and horticulture are as indispensable as fertilizers. One of the most effective drugs is Aktofit. Knowing how to apply Aktofit on a specific crop, you can get rid of pests in a short time without harming the plants. It is a universal remedy for pest control of vegetable gardens, gardens and even indoor crops. Fast action, lack of addiction and compatibility with many other drugs are its main advantages. What is Aktofit and what pests it is used against?

Description of the drug

biological insecticide actofit Aktofit is of natural origin and therefore does not pose a threat to cultivated plants, people, birds and animals. Its active ingredient (aversectin C) contains a complex of avermectins, which are produced by soil fungus. The latter is not pathogenic, but endows the components with neurotoxins, against which the pests are powerless. This is the reason for the contact effect of the insecticide. Once on an insect, it penetrates inside it and paralyzes the nervous system, leading to death.

The drug is not addictive. It can be combined with fungicides, fertilizers, growth stimulants. An exception is made by means with an alkaline reaction. If a dark precipitate forms during mixing, then the combination is impossible..

Another advantage of the insecticide is its convenient form of release. For small private households, you can purchase 10 ml glass vials or 40 ml bags of the drug. They contain an emulsion, yellow or brown, almost odorless. For an industrial scale, large packages are produced: bottles (200 or 900 ml each) and canisters (4.5 liters.)

What pests is effective against Aktofit

actofit for potatoesA natural insecticide will help get rid of these insects:

  • Colorado beetle;
  • ticks;
  • aphid;
  • thrips;
  • scoop;
  • white woman;
  • sawfly;
  • moth;
  • weevil;
  • leafletter.

How to use Aktofit and in what dosages

actofit for grapesThe optimal time for processing plants is a warm sunny afternoon (from 28 ° C). The emulsion should be diluted first in a small amount of water, and then add the liquid to the desired concentration. Plants should be sprayed with this solution when pests appear. You cannot store it.

The solution rates depend on the specific culture:

  • for grapes, 2 ml is enough for each liter of water;
  • for potatoes and strawberries, you need to take twice as much (4 ml);
  • cabbage requires the same concentration as potatoes, with the exception of aphid treatment (in this case – 8 ml);
  • cucumbers, tomatoes and eggplants may need 4 to 10 ml;
  • for the treatment of indoor plants, you need from 4 to 10 ml.

Features of the use of Aktofit for processing potatoes – video

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