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Analogs of Fosprenil for animals, where and how the drug is used

Tell me, what are the analogues of Fosprenil for animals? We have a rather old cat who is often sick. Recently I picked up a virus somewhere, the veterinarian prescribed Fosprenil, but the animal turned out to be allergic to it. How can you replace the drug?

analogs of phosprenil for animals If pets are sick, you want not only to help them, but also not to harm them, therefore, preference is given to natural preparations. For example, Fosprenil has proven itself well in the fight against viruses. It promotes faster recovery, and also enhances immunity. There are also analogues of Fosprenil for animals, with a different composition, but also natural. They are used if there is an allergy to the immunomodulator or if it is not available..

What is Fosprenil

phosprenyl The active ingredient of the drug is the disodium salt of polyprenol phosphate. It is obtained from pine needles, which determines the natural origin of the medicine. It is produced in vials with a capacity of 10 ml, inside which there is a transparent liquid (it may have a slight yellow tint). The product comes to veterinary pharmacies in packs of 5 bottles. If necessary, they can be purchased individually.

It is necessary to store the medicine in a cool place (in the summer it is better in the refrigerator), no more than 1 year from the date of release.

When and how Fosprenil is used

how to use fosprenilThe veterinary agent can be used both for the prevention and for the treatment of viral infections of domestic animals, in particular, cats, rabbits and even poultry. It relieves inflammation, accelerates recovery. In addition, Fosprenil increases immunity and protects tailed pets in contact with sick individuals..

Fosprenil can be used to prevent and treat:

  • plague;
  • herpes;
  • calcivirosis;
  • viral rhinotracheitis and other viral infections;
  • food poisoning.

The drug can be given simultaneously with antihistamines and antibiotics. However, it cannot be combined with hormones and steroids..

Basically Fosprenil is used for intramuscular injections (per 1 kg weight – 0.2 mg). Instillation in the eyes and sometimes oral use are also allowed. The course of treatment is 7 days (in especially severe cases, it can be extended up to 2 weeks).

Phosprenil’s analogs for animals

In general, the drug is not an expensive gimmick – its price is quite affordable. You can buy this medicine at any veterinary pharmacy. But in some cases, animals may develop an allergic reaction. Then you can replace Fosprenil with another agent with a similar effect. They can be:

  1. Maxidine.maxidine
  2. Gamavit.gamavite
  3. Forvet.forvet

All three drugs are also of natural origin and are indicated for the treatment of viral diseases of animals..

The use of Fosprenil and Gamavit for the treatment of rabbits – video

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