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How to dry hydrangea for a winter bouquet – preserving juicy summer colors

Tell me how to dry a hydrangea for a winter bouquet and is it possible at all? I have several species of this beauty, the most beloved is the paniculata. I don’t know what the variety is called, but it’s perfect. The tops of the virgin white inflorescences seem to be dipped in crimson paint. All summer I do not get tired of admiring fresh flowers, and in winter I do ikebana. I really love it when there are vases with bouquets in the house, even if they are made of dried flowers. Is hydrangea suitable for this?

how to dry hydrangea for a winter bouquet Hydrangea is a unique plant, known to all gardeners for its abundant and long flowering. Did you know that it retains the color and splendor of its buds even when dried? Due to this, inflorescences are often used to compose various compositions. Moreover, they look gorgeous on their own, while they can stand for several years. There is nothing complicated in how to dry a hydrangea for a winter bouquet. Spending just a few minutes, you will have the opportunity to “mothball” part of your flower bed and enjoy summer colors on cold evenings. Yes, yes, precisely with paints, because if you do everything right, the hydrangea will retain its color and practically will not change. You can achieve such a result if you know one little trick, namely, the timing of harvesting inflorescences.

When to cut flowers for further drying

when to cut hydrangea for drying Most hydrangea varieties have the unique ability to change color when fully ripe, given the particular growing climate. Light buds turn pink in warm regions or turn purple if cold. The flowers themselves, or rather, their texture, also change: soft petals feel like paper ones. It is important not to miss the moment and not to allow the hydrangea to dry out right on the bush. Then it will no longer be possible to preserve its color and elasticity, because the flowers soften and turn brown..

Wait until the inflorescences are fully ripe, usually at the end of the flowering period (in September). As soon as all the buds open on them, and a contrasting shade begins to appear, you can safely cut.

How to dry hydrangea for a winter bouquet

Many people think that the easiest way is to let the brushes dry right on the bush and ready to cut them. However, in this case, the hydrangea, as already mentioned, will lose color and become red and friable. It will be much better to prepare the branches on time and dry them separately.. This can be done in three ways:

  1. Hang each flower upside down and let it dry completely in this state..air drying hydrangea
  2. Place the buds in a jar of water and place in a cool room. Do not add water anymore: when it evaporates, the buds will dry out after a while..drying hydrangeas in water
  3. Also use a container of water, but add glycerin to it in a 2: 1 ratio. The stems will absorb the solution and it will be distributed throughout the inflorescence. And when the water evaporates, only glycerin will remain in the hydrangea..dried hydrangea

The most beautiful dried flowers will be obtained if you use the last two methods. Air-dried hydrangea will be brittle and will not last long. And drying with water or with glycerin allows you to keep the color, and the flowers remain almost as fresh for a couple of years..

Dry hydrangea with glycerin – video

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