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This diverse hybrid host will win your love forever

Hosts with green monochromatic leaves grow in almost every yard. But this year, while visiting relatives, I saw a real miracle there – a hybrid with blue leaves. I just fell ill with this plant and in the spring I will definitely buy myself the same. Tell me, are there any peculiarities in growing hybrid hosts? Are there variegated species among them??

hybrid hosts Hybrid hosts are gradually replacing the monochromatic green species of this beautiful flower in the flower beds. Large or compact bushes with a wide variety of colors of the deciduous plate have many garden forms. Among them there are very miniature varieties no more than 10 cm in height, or real giants that grow more than 1 m in height. Leaves of varietal host can be variegated, combine two or even three colors, as well as monochromatic, for example, white or blue.

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Growing features

Hybrid hosts generally do not require special environments. The only thing to consider is the color of the leaves..

Varieties with light leaves (cream or golden) grow better in well-lit areas, while other varieties easily tolerate partial shade..

The composition of the soil also makes some correction in the development of plants. In general, all host species are more fond of nutritious soil: there they form a lush bush with large succulent leaves. But even in poor sandy soil, these flowers can also survive, however, the bushes in this case will grow more slowly and more modestly..

But in variegated hybrid hosts on poor land, the color of the leaves becomes more pronounced and interesting.

Otherwise, caring for the hybrids is pretty straightforward. With regular abundant watering and two-time seasonal feeding, they can grow in one place for up to 5 years.

Popular varieties

To date, there are more than 4,000 hybrid host species and breeders do not stop there, inventing more and more original crops..

Hosts can be considered as some of the most beautiful hybrids:

  1. Blue Angel. The diameter of the cascading bush reaches 1.8 m at a height of 90 cm. Large leaves are bluish-green and slightly wrinkled. Flowers are white.blue angel
  2. Lady Guinevere. A medium-sized, spreading bush up to 60 cm high and about 75 cm wide. The leaves are creamy, with a green border. Inflorescences in the form of lilac bells.lady guinevere
  3. Stiletto. A miniature bush no more than 20 cm high with long narrow green leaves and a lighter border, slightly wavy along the edge. Blossoms with purple bells.stiletto
  4. Hankey Panky. The bush is up to 40 cm high. A feature of the variety is its ability to change the color of the leaves: at first they are dark green in the middle with a wide yellow border around the edge. By autumn, the middle of the leaf brightens significantly, but the border turns dark green.hanky panky
  5. White Feather. Another chameleon host: young white leaves, as they grow, green stripes appear on them, gradually filling the entire leaf. Bush height up to 55 cm, white inflorescences.white feather

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