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How to level a plot in the country – three ways

Tell me how to level the plot in the country? In general, the surface of the site is relatively flat, but there is one problem area behind the house. It is as if wavy, then with depressions, then the soil, on the contrary, rises humps. I thought to take a rake, but the “hills” are very high and overgrown with grass, it is very difficult to break.

how to level a plot in the country Few of the summer residents were so lucky that they got an absolutely flat, perfect plot. Most probably faced a problem when the soil surface leaves much to be desired. It is good if the irregularities are small and do not have a significant effect. More often than not, uneven ground becomes a problem. For example, to fill the foundation for a house, a flat surface is a prerequisite. It is no less important for planting a garden or breaking out garden beds in order to prevent the rapid loss of moisture. Therefore, many are interested in how to level a plot in the country..

Depending on the volume of the upcoming robot and the nature of the irregularities themselves, this can be done manually or using technology. In some cases, especially if there is a slight slope, you will need to add additional soil. Let’s take a closer look at each of the options..

When and how can manual alignment be done

manual alignment If the scale of work and the irregularities themselves are small, you can achieve a flat surface without the involvement of equipment.. This requires:

  1. Remove unnecessary large vegetation (shrubs, stumps) from the site.
  2. Hammer in the pegs and pull the rope. It will serve as a guide to visually see irregularities..
  3. Remove the top layer (sod), select the roots.
  4. With the help of a shovel, remove the soil from the hills and fill in the depressions with it. Remove excess land.
  5. Level the area with a rake.
  6. Tamp the surface with a roller.
  7. Spill water.

You don’t have to buy a skating rink on purpose. You can make it from an ordinary iron barrel by pouring rubble inside and closing it.

The leveled area must be left for at least 3 weeks. During this time, the earth will settle. If necessary, add more soil and compact again.

How to level a plot in the country using technology

It is quite difficult to manually align large areas, therefore, in these cases, the following technique is involved:

  1. Motoblock. It removes medium-sized irregularities (depth / height up to 15 cm).alignment with a walk-behind tractor
  2. Tractor. Plowing will help to “cultivate” a very neglected area and with irregularities up to 1 m.tractor scraping

In both cases, double processing up and down is recommended. After the technique, you will need to “modify” the soil by hand, going through a rake and selecting plant residues. And to get rid of possible bacteria and weed seeds, the land is treated with steam.

When it is advisable to level the site, filling up the ground

filling up the soilIf the site has slopes or sufficiently deep holes, it will be more convenient to fill them up, leveling them with a horizontal surface. On large slopes, the topsoil must be removed first. Various auxiliary materials (sand, small construction waste) can serve as the lower, leveling layer. From above it is already necessary to fall asleep with fertile soil, especially if it is planned to grow plants there. Small slopes and holes just need to be covered with imported soil..

The layer of fertile soil should be at least 20 cm. If you need a large amount of soil, you can buy it from specialized firms. For the garden and vegetable garden, leafy land or balanced peat and humus is usually purchased.

Video on how to level a section with a walk-behind tractor

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