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Fighting moles at their summer cottage – methods that work

Interested in fighting moles at their summer cottage. We do not have them yet, but the neighboring “tenants” impudently visit my garden. They have already ruined about a dozen young seedlings, which were supposed to bear fruit this year. And yesterday we got to the strawberry beds. I bought scarers, placed them, but these animals, it seems, are not afraid of anything. In the morning I again found a new mound of earth. Are there any reliable means?

fighting moles at their summer cottage It is only at first glance that it seems that the little fluffy animal is very cute and harmless. In fact, moles do more harm than good. Therefore, every season for summer residents, in addition to weeds and insects, another problem arises – the fight against moles in their summer cottage. Yes, with their numerous winding passages, they loosen the soil and saturate it with oxygen and nitrogen. And along the way, they destroy the larvae of various pests and themselves hiding underground. Moles’ favorite treats are slugs and earthworms..

But at the same time, all these actions take place precisely in the fertile layer, at a depth of about 20 cm. The roots of cultivated plants and root crops are also located there. Swarming molehills, the animals damage and destroy all this, which leads to the loss of crops and the death of plantations. Therefore, moles are not favored either in the garden or in the garden, and they wage war with them. Some manage to drive away uninvited guests with the help of folk remedies. If a whole colony has settled on the site, more effective methods will be needed..

Fighting moles at their summer cottage using folk methods

folk remedies for moles At the heart of the “sparing war” is the sensitive sense of smell of animals. Although moles have vision problems, their scent is extremely developed. At the same time, they do not tolerate some smells, which can be used..

For example:

  • plant fragrant plants around the perimeter of the site: mint, lavender, marigolds;
  • stuff the rotten heads of herring into the mole;
  • smoke moles from holes with tear gas, putting a sulfur stick there.

Some gardeners throw regular Validol tablets into their holes. Its pungent smell also makes the animals leave their habitable place..


mole scarersJust like pungent odors, moles and loud sounds are afraid. There are special scarers on sale, but such designs can be easily made by yourself. For example, just dig a glass bottle into the ground so that its neck remains on top. The wind will blow into it, and emit a low-frequency rumble. Or put on a stick canned food, cut plastic bottles and other “loud” materials.

Poison bait

poisoned baitNot the most humane, but definitely an effective method aimed at destroying the pest. You can boil wheat, add pesticide or rat poison to it. And spread the porridge over the mole holes or bury it around the site. Moles will find traps themselves. After 2 weeks, you need to re-decompose new.

Ready-made poisonous preparations are also sold:

  • gel Green House;
  • paraffin briquettes Russian trap;
  • pellets Anti-Mole Modifi.

When using baits, make sure that pets are not harmed.

How to catch a mole

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