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Extending the life of a bouquet of tulips in a vase

Tell me how to keep tulips in a vase longer? At my dacha, I have a whole collection of various varieties, I have been collecting it for several years. I just love these flowers, and I always put them in vases according to the season. One pity – after a few days the buds wither and the petals crumble. Is there any secret how to extend their life at least a little?

bouquet A bouquet of tulips of various colors, simple or double, with even or beautiful toothed petals is a long-awaited spring gift that every woman will appreciate. The only thing that saddens is that their beauty is short-lived, but you should not be upset, because it is quite possible to prolong it. By applying small tricks, you can keep the freshness of the bouquet for up to 1.5 weeks, which, you see, is a lot for such delicate plants that quickly wither after cutting..

So how to keep tulips in a vase longer? To do this, you should responsibly approach the following points:

  • prepare cut flowers for “standing” in a vase;
  • “Fill” the water with components that are able to keep it fresh longer, which will accordingly slow down the wilting of flowers, and also provide plants with additional nutrition;
  • choose a vase with tulips a suitable place in the house.

We put tulips in a vase correctlypruning tulips

Before you immerse cut flowers in a vase, you need to properly prepare them, namely:

  1. Carefully tear off the lower leaves so that only petioles and a minimum of remaining leaves are in the water, because they provoke the development of bacteria, and the water will deteriorate faster and begin to “smell”.
  2. Wrap each tulip in newspaper and take it out for two hours in a cold room (just not in the cold). Can be placed on the bottom shelf in the refrigerator.
  3. Immediately before placing in a vase, cut the ends of the stems obliquely (if the cut is straight, the stem will rest against the bottom of the container and will not be able to “feed”).

Such events will help tulips stay fresh longer and “slow down” the wilting processes..

Preparing the “right” waterwater additives

The quality of water is also important for the long standing of the bouquet. The best option is melted snow, if this is not possible, filtered water will do. There should be a little water in the vase (less than half), the main thing is that the ends of the stems are in it.

When choosing a vase, preference should be given to ceramics and medium sizes. In addition, vases with jagged sharp edges are not suitable for tulips – they can scratch delicate leaves, which will accelerate the wilting of flowers..

To prevent the development of putrefactive bacteria and feed cut tulips, adding such components to the water (per 1 liter) will help:

  • 1 aspirin tablet;
  • 1 tablet of activated carbon;
  • 1.5 tsp Sahara.

The water should be changed daily, especially if sugar is added and ice cubes tossed in periodically. Flowers will live longer in chilled water.

Where to put a vase of tulips?tulips in a vase

Tulips, as early spring plants, are very demanding on the temperature of the content. Nature does not spoil them with warmth, so we should not get carried away with this either. Accustomed to the coolness, in a warm room they “will not live” for a long time, so the vase must be placed in the coolest room, away from the radiator and lighted windows.

Extending the life of a bouquet of tulips – video

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