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What kind of care does petunia need in winter indoors?

Autumn is approaching, and the petunias in the country still will not fade. The first freeze will kill them. I heard that somehow you can save the flowers until next spring. Is it so? If so, tell me how to care for petunia at home in winter. Thank you in advance!

Yes, there is a technology for preserving petunias until spring. She’s a little troublesome, but overall there is nothing supernatural about her. The main thing is to know how to care for petunia at home in winter, and you can enjoy young flowers in the middle of winter..

Petunias on the windowsill

You just need to follow certain rules..

We transplant petunia

In late summer or early autumn, when the days are no longer hot, but the temperature does not drop below zero even at night, select the strongest and healthiest petunia bushes. Dig them out of the ground very carefully so as not to damage the root system..

Dried and damaged leaves and twigs should be cut off with sharp scissors. After that, the plants are transplanted into pots. It is best to fill them with a mixture of soil and compost to ensure good nutrition. For the first three to four days (if frost is not expected), flowers are best left outside to reduce transplant stress. Then they can be brought into the room..

Winter petunia care

In the cold season, petunia needs minimal care:

  • good lighting;
  • watering no more than 2-3 times a month;
  • complete rejection of fertilizers.

Petunia care But the most important thing is to ensure the right temperature. The optimum would be + 10 … + 15 degrees Celsius. Therefore, they are usually kept on insulated loggias in winter. Flowers can easily tolerate a temporary decrease in temperature – the main thing is that it does not fall below + 2 … + 4 degrees.

With proper care, flowers will bloom by early to mid-February, delighting the owners with brightness and beauty in the middle of winter.

Cutting and planting

Some gardeners, after waiting for warm days, re-plant petunia in open ground. But second-year plants usually bloom less intensely and are more susceptible to disease than fresh ones. Therefore, it is better to carry out cuttings.

To do this, select the strongest branches on the bush and carefully cut them off. The optimal length is 5-10 centimeters. The branches should be young, green, but at the same time have at least a couple of internodes. Remove the bottom leaves, leaving 2-3 top leaves.Cuttings take root wellNow the cuttings can be planted in pots, and when the time comes, they can be planted in the country in the open ground..

The video will tell more about winter petunia care:

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