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Reasons for the lack of flowering in balcony petunias

My balcony is my pride. Every year, with the arrival of warm days, I plant various ampelous plants in special long containers, which my husband hung from the railing. When they bloom, the balcony miraculously transforms into a real flower bed. This year I decided to allocate a couple of containers for petunias, but they disappointed me – the flowering was poor, and two bushes did not give buds at all, although the package indicated that they were abundant flowering. Tell me why petunias do not bloom on the balcony?

balcony with flowers Adorable petunias are grown for their beautiful, abundant and long lasting flowering. Some varieties are able to stand with buds right up to the very frost, decorating not only flower beds, but also balconies in high-rise buildings, because for their residents this is the only place where you can take your soul away by planting different plants. However, quite often, especially among novice flower growers, petunias that look healthy in appearance increase the green mass, but flowering does not occur, or the bush gives only a few buds per season..

In short, there can be two reasons why petunias do not bloom on the balcony:

  • incorrectly selected flowerpot;
  • improper care.

What kind of pot is needed for balcony petunias?petunia in a container

Balcony petunias have flowering problems much more often than those plants that are grown in open ground, that is, in flower beds. This is due to the fact that on the street petunias have unlimited space for the growth of the root system, and a well-developed, powerful and healthy rhizome is the key to not only the general development of the bush, but also its flowering.

Potted crops, which are petunias growing on the balcony, do not have this opportunity – they are limited by the space of the pot. If it is small, then the bush will be small, and there will be few buds.

In order for petunia to bloom profusely on the balcony, for one bush you must use a container with a volume of 5 to 8 liters.

However, some flower growers act differently: in the absence of free space for large flowerpots, they plant petunia in smaller containers, but after the first wave of flowering, they re-transplant it. During transplanting, cut off half of the roots and shorten the stems by 1/3.

Inaccuracies in care that affect floweringred petunias on the balcony

The flowering of petunias also depends on proper plant care..

Most often, problems arise as a result of:

  1. Lack of moisture. It is necessary to water petunias regularly, especially adult specimens, preventing the soil coma from completely drying out.
  2. Lack of nutrition. Before and during flowering, it is necessary to feed the plants with potassium-phosphorus preparations to stimulate the laying of buds.
  3. Lack of lighting and heat. Petunias need good lighting and a temperature of at least 23 degrees Celsius. If the plants are planted on an open balcony in early spring, they may freeze at night..

During flowering, it is necessary to regularly pluck the faded buds. This will stimulate the formation of new inflorescences..

What needs to be done for petunia to bloom profusely – video

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