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How to care for potted petunias?

I really like petunias grown in flower beds, but I saw them in pots. And recently I was presented with a beautiful petunia in a hanging planter. Please tell me how to care for a petunia in pots so that it blooms all season?

The varied flowering of petunias attracts attention and arouses the desire to decorate with amazing plants and your yard. Caring for petunia in pots is to follow a few simple tips.

Pruning and feeding

In order for the flower to grow thick and delight with constant flowering, you periodically need to pluck dried leaves and faded buds. This will stimulate the growth of the bush and the appearance of new inflorescences. For lush flowering, seed pods are also removed..

Petunia in pots

If the petunia in a pot stops flowering or it is very weak, and the flower itself produces long side branches, they are cut in half, and then watered with warm water.

To prevent disease and stimulate growth, as well as abundant flowering, potted petunias are regularly fed. Nitrogen-containing products are used two weeks after planting in a pot. Subsequently, it is watered with fertilizers containing phosphorus and potassium, once every 2 weeks (superphosphate, complex fertilizer “Summer”).

Fertilizers for petunias in pots So that the leaves do not crumble due to lack of iron, it is good to use a preparation such as Ferovit and spray the plant with it every 2-3 days. Fertilizers are applied both under the root and by spraying the leaves (for example, a complex preparation for spraying Seven-Flower).

To quickly restore a flower after an illness or to eliminate the consequences of improper care in combination with fertilizers, stimulants such as Epina-Extra are used..

Popular fertilizer recipes have proven themselves well:

  • chicken droppings infused with various herbs;
  • wood ash, which contains the components necessary for the colors, both purchased and taken from under the stove.

Watering rules for petunias

Watering petunias in a pot

Petunia is a light-loving plant, therefore, so that the whips do not stretch out in search of the sun, the pot is placed in a sunny place.

It is not necessary to water the plant at the root often, but abundantly. And if the summer is very dry, watering is necessary every day. And vice versa – when the rains are frequent, the pots of flowers are hidden so that they do not rot from an excess of moisture..

To form a beautiful lush bush, petunia is pinched after 4 leaves. If the flowerpot is in a well-lit area, a single pinch should be sufficient. But when the plant is in a darkened place, you need to do it regularly..

A feature of caring for a potted petunia is the flower’s need for rest, therefore, at the end of autumn, the pot is transferred for 2-3 months to a dry room. At the same time, watering is reduced and long branches are cut off..

With the onset of spring, the flower is again taken out into a warm and bright room, watering is restored and the earth is renewed in an old pot, or the petunia is completely transplanted into a new soil.

Potted petunia care video

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