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How to grow catharanthus: two ways of sowing seeds

Tell us how to grow a catharanthus? I bought the seeds purely by accident – I could not pass by the packaging with large bright flowers. Now, next year, a new inhabitant will appear on my flower bed. Is it possible to sow the catharanthus immediately in the garden or is it better to grow seedlings?

how to grow a catharanthus Catharanthus belongs to perennial evergreens. Originally from distant Madagascar, he has long managed to find his fans in the vastness of our homeland. Compact dense bushes with neat dark green leaves bloom very beautifully. From the end of spring to the very middle of autumn, large multi-colored flowers flaunt on them. Pink or white, blue or purple, they bloom in “bunches” at the tops of the shoots. This is why gardeners love the catharanthus. Although he is a perennial, due to the thermophilic nature of our winters, the plant cannot survive. Therefore, in the open field it is grown as an annual crop, by annual planting. How to grow a catharanthus? The easiest way to do this is with seeds. Planting material is always available, you can buy it in the store. The seeds themselves sprout quite well, in addition, this method allows you to immediately get a whole flower bed of colorful bushes. At the same time, it is possible to sow catharanthus not only for seedlings, but also directly into open ground. Let’s take a look at the details of each method..

When to sow catharanthus outdoors?

catharanthus in the flowerbed Sowing seeds in a flower bed should be started no earlier than the soil warms up and frosts pass. The optimal planting dates are from mid-May. Heat-loving catharanthus will not survive a drop in temperature, especially young seedlings.

Small seeds germinate better in fertile and loose soil. If the land on the site is heavy, clayey, it is advisable to prepare the beds in advance. To do this, add humus and sand to the soil..

Since the catharanthus is grown as an annual, the predominant method of planting it is sowing seeds for seedlings. This allows you to bring flowering closer, because by the time of planting in open ground, many bush already have buds.

How to grow a catharanthus seedling method?

seedlings of catharanthusCatharanthus seedlings are sown at the end of February in this way:

  1. A light substrate is poured into a common container or cassettes. Store-bought soil for pelargonium is suitable. If the soil is being prepared on its own, it should be spilled with potassium permanganate for disinfection.
  2. The seeds are also processed with potassium permanganate, soaking them in fabric bags for half an hour.
  3. Seeds are sown not deeply, in several holes, leaving a distance of about 4 cm.
  4. The containers with crops are covered with a dark film and placed in a warm place..
  5. After germination, the seedlings are transferred to a light window and the shelter is removed..
  6. When young catharanthus grow up to 7 cm, they dive into separate pots..

Catharanthus seedlings are transplanted into open ground in the month of May.

Video about growing catharanthus from seeds

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