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Forcing daffodils at home from A to Z

Tell us, at what temperature does the distillation of daffodils occur at home? When do you need to plant bulbs to get blooming by the month of March? I want to make a gift to my daughters and raise the first daffodils for the women’s holiday. There are several varieties in the garden, early and terry late. Which ones are best used for forcing?

forcing daffodils at home In early spring it is so nice to receive a bunch of live fragrant daffodils as a gift. Forcing daffodils at home allows you not only to significantly save on the purchase of flowers that cost decent money out of season. Another advantage of this simple and interesting procedure is the ability to time flowering to any date. It can be not only spring, but even harsh January. It is worth learning only one rule: in order for the bulbs to bloom, they must have time to go through a dormant period and accumulate nutrients. Without this, there will be no formation of peduncles, because the culture simply does not have enough strength for this..

When to plant daffodils for distillation

when to plant daffodils for distillation For plants to wake up and give buds, they must “ripen”, and in the cold. In nature, this occurs during the fall-winter, when the bulbs sleep in the ground under a snow cover. They need to create similar conditions indoors. And only after that, switch to artificial spring, gradually increasing the temperature of the content. All stages have their own duration. Based on it, you can count and determine when the daffodil will bloom. And already on these dates to plan the distillation.

The cold resting period in daffodils lasts from 3 to 3.5 months. And the bulbs need another month to form flower stalks. For example, to get blooming in February, you should put daffodils for distillation in October..

What kinds of flowers can be used

which daffodils are planted for distillationEarly and middle varieties are more suitable for forcing – their growing season is faster. But if the goal is not to get flowering by a certain date, any species, even late ones, will do..

Regardless of the type of bulbs for forcing, it is necessary to select only high-quality, healthy and preferably large ones, with a diameter of 4 cm. The exception is low-growing varieties, in which the bulbs are small. Until the moment of disembarkation for distillation, the planting material should be stored in a dry place at a temperature of 17 ° C..

Forcing daffodils at home step by step

forcing daffodils step by stepHaving decided on the timing of flowering, you can start distilling:

  1. Get the bulbs, disinfect them in potassium permanganate or Fitosporin. Dry.
  2. Fill small containers with soil (a mixture of 1 part sand and 2 parts garden soil).
  3. Plant the bulbs, deepening them only 2/3 of the height.
  4. Drizzle, cover with a jar and put in a room with a temperature of no more than 7 ° C for 3 months. Water regularly to keep the ground dry.
  5. After the allotted time, rearrange the bulbs in a place where it is warmer by 5 ° C, and always light.
  6. After 10 days, increase the temperature to 18 ° C warm.

In such conditions, daffodils will continue to stay until they bloom..

Accelerated distillation of daffodils in winter

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