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Planting daffodils in the spring: how to do it right

Tell me how to properly plant daffodils in the spring and when can you do it? There are many bushes growing at the dacha, but they did not bloom last year. The neighbor says it’s because they are very thick.

daffodils Daffodils are considered the most unpretentious garden flowers: they can grow in almost any conditions, require a minimum of care, but in early spring they decorate the flowerbed with the first delicate inflorescences, which are their main advantage. However, in order to admire the flowering every year, it is periodically necessary to plant bushes: in three to four years, daffodils grow many young bulbs, and as a result, instead of white or yellow flowers, dense foliage flaunts on long petioles in the garden.

The optimal time for planting thickened plantings is autumn, but if you did not have time to do this before the onset of winter, it is quite possible to carry out the procedure in the spring. The plant tolerates transplantation well and takes root quickly.

When starting to dig out bushes and planting daffodils in the spring, you need to consider one point: planted bulbs this season are unlikely to bloom.

When can you sit down?daffodil bulbs

You can plant daffodils no earlier than the snow cover completely disappears, and the ground warms up at least 20 cm in depth. Depending on the region and local climate, planting dates may vary, from March to April. However, you should not postpone work until May – then the flowers may hurt after transplanting..

It is better to cut the bushes every three years, preventing them from thickening and so that there are no interruptions in flowering.

How to plant daffodils in spring?daffodils

First of all, you should carefully dig up the old bush, trying not to damage the bulbs, and free it from the ground. All delenki must be carefully examined and cut or rotten must be discarded. If diseased bulbs were noticed, it is better to rinse the rest in potassium permanganate or spray with Fundazol to prevent the development of the disease.

Further, planting is no different from the usual procedure for growing daffodils:

  1. Prepare a bed for new plants by digging it up and adding a little humus and ash.
  2. Make holes, taking into account the size of the separated bulbs (the smaller they are, the less you need to deepen).
  3. Lay delenki and compact around the ground.
  4. Water abundantly.

In general, the spring planting and transplanting of daffodils is quite acceptable, but it is better to do all the work in the fall, and then the bushes will bloom at the right time and grow stronger.

Spring planting daffodils video

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