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Mycelium mushrooms can be grown in the garden

Hello! I have long dreamed of getting a harvest of champignons or porcini mushrooms directly from my garden – it is not always possible to go to the forest for such gifts of nature. I guess that the process is not simple, hiding a lot of pitfalls. Therefore, I would like to know more – how to grow mushrooms from mycelium in the garden?

Today, many summer residents grow a variety of mushrooms right in the country. It is profitable – you can provide yourself, and sell the excess – and does not require special expenditure of energy. Once having formed a powerful mycelium, the summer resident receives a good harvest every year..

White stalwarts in the garden

Of course, for this you need to know how to grow mushrooms from mycelium in the garden, when to do this, and a number of other subtleties..

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When and where to plant mycelium?

Stock up on the mycelium of the mushrooms you want to grow in advance. It can be purchased in many country shops – the cost is not too high, but the purchase allows you to save a lot of time and effort that will be spent trying to get the mycelium manually.

In general, mushrooms can be planted at any time from May to September. But it is better to avoid hot months – it will be difficult for mycelium to gain a foothold. In addition, when planting mycelium in September, it is not a fact that it will be possible to get a harvest in the same year. Therefore, the end of April and the beginning of May can be called the most suitable time..


The optimal place for growing mushrooms is a shaded area under dense coniferous or deciduous (preferably not fruit) trees on the north side of the house. A house, shed or other obstacle will protect the land from excessive sun and warm south winds, ensuring a good harvest..

Getting started landing

Having chosen a suitable site, dig a hole about 30-40 centimeters deep about 50-70 centimeters from the tree. Its area depends on the amount of mycelium and how many mushrooms you want to get. The bottom of the pit is covered with a forest substrate – old leaves, sawdust, pine needles. The optimal layer is at least 20 centimeters. On top of it, the mycelium itself should be laid. To do this, it is mixed with local or forest soil. The proportion is different for different mushrooms and types of mycelium, but it is always indicated in the instructions. Add mycelium with soil to the substrate, water abundantly and cover with straw or needles.

Care is as simple as possible – you need to water the soil as it dries. The first harvest can be obtained next year, and the mycelium will enter full force in 3-5 years..

The desired harvest

This video will highlight the issue of growing mushrooms in the country in more detail:

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