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Achimenes flower, care and reproduction at home

Hello, I am very interested in the achimenes flower, plant care and reproduction. A friend shared a young bush with beautiful raspberry inflorescences. He came to me already blooming, while he feels good. But I am worried about the future wintering, because it is quite cold in our apartment. And there are also plans to breed this miracle. Which way to do it better and faster?

achimenes flower care and cultivation Indoor flowers with a pronounced dormant period are the best solution for urban apartments with their limited space. One of these plants is the achimenes flower, the care and reproduction of which will not cause much trouble. Pleasing with abundant flowering and a juicy deciduous cap the entire growing season, the bush falls asleep for the winter. You can safely transfer it to a dark and cool pantry, freeing up space on the windowsill for other plants. And with the arrival of spring, Ahimenes who comes to life before our eyes will feel good on the balcony..

Characteristic features of the plant

achimenes Achimenes belongs to the Gesneriaceae family and is a flowering perennial native to tropical forests. Grows in the form of a compact bush. Depending on the variety, the shoots can be erect or drooping, but always well branched. Has a beautiful cap of light or dark green leaves. They are oval in shape, with a jagged edge and a sharp tip. The leaf plate has slight pubescence.

The main advantage of achimenes is flowering. It is very abundant and long lasting, from May to mid-autumn. The flowers themselves do not live long, but a new one immediately opens to replace the wilted bud. They resemble bells with an elongated neck. The color can be very different, there are even two-color varieties.

The closest relatives of achimenes are gloxinia and violets.

Achimenes flower, care and reproduction

A tropical guest does not have the most harmful character. If you provide him with proper conditions and take care of the rest, he will delight him for more than one year. Ahimenes loves good, but diffused, lighting and moisture, but does not tolerate waterlogging. It has no special requirements for the soil, the main thing is that it is loose. There must be drainage in the pot.

Features of care depending on the season

care for achimenesFrom spring to the very beginning of autumn, the flower should be watered regularly and abundantly. It is better to take rainwater or settled water, at room temperature. It is important to ensure that no water remains in the pan after watering, otherwise the roots will rot. To maintain humidity in the air, it is advisable to put the flowerpot on a pallet with wet pebbles. During the growing season, the bush can be fed twice a month with mineral complexes for flowering.

Spraying achimenes is also possible, but rarely and carefully. Ugly spots appear on fluffy leaves from drops of water.

dormant period in achimenesAt the end of autumn, Ahimenes must be sent to rest so that he gains strength before a new flowering. The plant itself will tell you what it needs: the aboveground part begins to dry. The root system remains in the pot for the winter. For the winter, the flowerpot should be placed in a room with a temperature of no higher than 15 ° C, while the flower does not need lighting. Accordingly, watering at this time will be rare (once a month), only so that the roots do not disappear. With the arrival of spring, you can return Ahimenes to a warm room and resume watering..

Reproduction methods

A flowering perennial can be diluted both by a seed and a vegetative way, namely:

  1. Sowing seeds in the spring in a greenhouse in a mixture of sand and leafy earth. Sowing should be shallow. Grown seedlings dive into separate cups.seedlings of achimenes
  2. By rooting the apical cuttings in water or directly in the soil. The cut site is pretreated with a growth stimulant.grafting achimenes
  3. Dividing the rhizome during the spring transplant. The overgrown rhizomes are divided in such a way that each division has a shoot. Before planting, they must be dried and the cut is sprinkled with crushed coal..division of the rhizome of achimenes

In indoor floriculture, achimenes is most often propagated by the third method. Bushes grown from seeds often lose varietal characteristics, and rooted cuttings die during dormancy due to weakness.

Secrets of growing achimenes – video

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