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How to grow guava at home – taming the Tropicana

It would be interesting to know how to grow guava at home. I have been fond of indoor plants for a long time, and there have always been a lot of them. But I am especially attracted to exotic cultures. I started with lemon, then tangerines appeared, followed by the dream of a winter garden. And last year it turned out. My husband and I made a heated greenhouse ourselves. Now I have the opportunity to expand my collection and decided to start with a guava. I tried its fruits, I liked them, they were delicious. I have already ordered the seedlings, and awaiting delivery I am studying information about the plant. What does it love and what requirements it makes?

how to grow guava at home Dense green foliage on red twigs, large white flowers and tasty yellow or red fruits … Guava is beautiful for everyone, this tropical inhabitant, it’s a pity, but it doesn’t grow in our climate. However, this does not prevent it from becoming a room culture, because there is nothing complicated in how to grow a guava at home. Constant temperature and room air only “play into her hands” and nothing will prevent you from harvesting. Of course, there are some nuances, but in general, the guava feels comfortable in the house. What is it and what it needs as a pot culture?

Description of the plant

guava Under natural conditions in the hot tropics, the guava tree grows up to 10 m in height. In the tub, the maximum indicators do not exceed 4 m, and even then, if not cut off. Regular haircut will help to give the tree a compact size, no more than 1.5 m, which is quite acceptable for a room.

Guava, aka psidium, is an evergreen plant with reddish twigs and elongated green foliage. The leaf plate is dense, with smooth edges and clearly traced veins. The tree is especially beautiful during flowering, when large, up to 4 cm in diameter, white flowers with a delicate aroma bloom.

At the same time, the main reason for growing room guava is not its decorative effect, but its fruits. These are large berries in the form of yellow or red balls. Their diameter reaches 15 cm, dense pulp with small seeds is covered with a skin that emits a musky smell.guava fruit

The following types of guava feel best in pots in greenhouses or conservatories:

  1. Tropical with green and yellow fruits, pink inside.
  2. Strawberry with red fruits with white flesh.
  3. Lemon with tart small yellow berries.
  4. Pineapple with oval green berries, white inside.

Pineapple guava is the most frost-resistant and can withstand frosts down to minus 11 °.

How to grow guava at home

blooming guavaThe indoor tree loves light and warmth. You can put it near any window except the north one. Guava should receive at least 6 hours of sunlight a day. The ideal temperature for keeping is 25 ° C, for the winter it is allowed to put the tree in a cool room, but not lower than 18 -15 ° C.

Remember that the guava will not survive the cold. At 10 ° C, it loses foliage, and at minus 3 °, it finally dies..

indoor guavaThe tropican does not need frequent watering and high humidity due to its high drought resistance and small roots. Spray the crown occasionally. With a cool winter, watering is significantly reduced. But with the onset of spring and all summer, feed the guava with organics and mineral complexes once a month.

The tree lends itself to forming, for which every spring, cut and shorten the shoots, stimulating branching. In addition, do not let young specimens bear fruit for a couple of years, breaking off the ovary so that they get stronger. In the future, leave no more than 4 berries on each branch..

Fruiting home guava – video

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