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How to grow arugula on a windowsill – we provide ourselves with vitamins in winter

Tell us how to grow arugula on the windowsill? I just love her and always plant in the garden. It is a pity that we have not yet built a greenhouse, so in winter we have to do without juicy leaves. So, sometimes it is possible to find it in a store, but it is not often brought to our town. I decided to try sowing seeds in a flowerpot. What do you think it will work out?

how to grow arugula on a windowsill If earlier arugula was a gimmick in our place, today this representative of the cabbage family is gaining more and more fans. Its juicy leaves with a light nutty flavor are simply irreplaceable for salads. In addition, they will add an original flavor to soups, vegetable side dishes and even meat. Therefore, many gardeners are happy to sow arugula seeds next to the salad and cut vitamin greens all summer. If you want to have it in winter, the most affordable option is to sow seeds in flower pots. This culture feels great in indoor conditions and gives an equally generous deciduous crop. At the same time, there is no particular difficulty in how to grow arugula on the windowsill. The main thing is to choose a suitable, compact and fast-growing variety and take some care of the plants..

Features of sowing arugula for indoor cultivation

arugula poker For planting in pots, it is better to choose varieties that are distinguished by the rapid growth of deciduous mass.. So, 3-4 weeks after sowing, you can already cut the first crop of arugula:

  • Poker;
  • Corsica;
  • Sicily;
  • Rocket.

As for the soil, it must be nutritious and light. In addition, it is necessary to choose soil mixtures to which peat is not added. The acidity of arugula is not needed and even contraindicated..

You can make a substrate suitable for the plant yourself by mixing:

  • 2 shares of sod land and humus;
  • adding 1 part sand for looseness.

The closer the seeds are to the surface, the faster they will sprout. Therefore, arugula should be sown superficially, only sprinkling a little soil on top. In addition, this way they will rise more evenly..

How to grow arugula on a windowsill: easy plant care

arugula shootsFor the first week, arugula crops should be kept in a greenhouse, covered with foil. It is desirable that this is a dark place. But as soon as the shoots begin to look through, the container is transferred to the light southern windowsill and the shelter is removed. Be sure to install the backlight, especially on cloudy days and in winter.

There is no need to feed indoor arugula – it grows well on its own.

arugulaWhen the seedlings reach 10 days of age, they should be thinned out. By the way, the torn bushes can already be crumbled into a salad. In the future, the harvest is fully harvested in 3-4 weeks, when the foliage becomes large. And in order to extend the growing season and remove up to 3 harvests, the leaves can be cut off gradually, piece by piece..

Video about growing arugula in flower pots on the window

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