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Indoor euonymus – a chic compact tree or bush for your home

Tell me how to grow indoor euonymus? I bought a discounted bush at a sale. I don’t have very many flowers, because not all of them can withstand my long business trips. But I really liked the variegated, yellow-green leaves. I used to think that euonymus grows only in the garden. What does he need as a pot culture?

indoor euonymus Lush forms and small, but dense, rich foliage make the indoor euonymus a welcome guest on the windowsill. In addition, it develops slowly and responds well to haircuts. Thanks to this, a compact bush or even a small tree can be made from the plant. The euonymus is unpretentious in care. The main thing is to find a comfortable place for him in the house, so that there is enough sun in winter and not too hot in summer..

What kind of euonymus can be grown in a room

There are more than 200 varieties of crops, but almost all of them are intended for outdoor use.. As a pot culture, only three euonymus feel best:

  1. Japanese. In indoor conditions, it rarely exceeds 1 m in height, while its wild-growing counterparts grow up to 6 m. One of the most “eternal” centenarians, it looks like a bush with a dense dense crown. The length of the leaf plate does not exceed 8 cm, and its edges are decorated with denticles. The color depends on the variety and can be either one-color dark green or two-color. Very decorative species with variegated leaves painted with contrasting spots or border: green-golden, green-white.Japanese euonymus
  2. Fortune or rooting. A compact bush no more than 60 cm high, but with long creeping shoots. They are densely covered with small, no more than 5 cm in length, green-yellow leaves.fortune euonymus
  3. Dwarf (compactus). It has thin branches and even smaller foliage with pointed tips and a slightly curved edge upward. The color is mainly light green, with a slight yellow tint..dwarf euonymus

Dwarf spindle tree is the most shade-loving of the three types and with increased requirements for watering. More often than others suffers from pests.

Indoor euonymus – the secrets of proper care

Best of all, euonymus bushes feel on the east or west windows. Variegated varieties need more light (but not direct rays), while green-leaved species grow in partial shade. In the summer, it is important to maintain the humidity of the air, otherwise the foliage will crumble. For the winter period, the pot should be transferred to a cool room with a temperature of no more than 10 ° C.care for indoor euonymus

Caring for a houseplant is not particularly difficult and consists of the following activities:

  1. Abundant watering in summer and sparse watering during cool wintering.
  2. Spraying and bathing in summer to maintain the required air humidity.
  3. Top dressing from spring to early autumn at least once a month. You can alternate organic and mineral complexes for ornamental plants.
  4. Obligatory regular pruning, which will help give the bush a beautiful shape.

Adult euonymus need to be transplanted every 4 years (by transshipment). The easiest way to propagate a plant is by cuttings, but if you wish, you can sow seeds..

How to grow indoor euonymus – video

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