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How to grow cannes flowers in a garden in Siberia – advice from experienced gardeners

Tell me how difficult and how to grow cannes flowers in a garden in Siberia? I love them very much and before, when we lived in the south, I had a whole collection of different varieties. After marriage, I had to leave warm lands and move to my husband. Now it turns out to plant only those plants that tolerate the local climate. Cannes will feel good?

how to grow cannes in siberia It’s no secret that the chic beauties of Cannes are extremely decorative, highly drought-resistant and almost never get sick. At the same time, they are very thermophilic and rarely winter in the garden. This must be considered if you need to know how to grow cannes flowers in a garden in Siberia. Its endless expanses are no less beautiful than the warm southern regions, but they are distinguished by a harsh climate. And cannes that do not tolerate low temperatures so poorly can even die if they are not planted in time. It is the time of planting tubers and preparing them for wintering that are important differences when growing these crops in regions with different climatic conditions..

How to grow cannes flowers in a garden in Siberia – planting features

landing cannes Having purchased tubers in early spring, do not rush to plant them right away, even in a pot. Heat-loving cannes do not tolerate frost, and planting too early will lead to freezing of plants. Of course, germination is necessary, because it allows you to bring flowering closer. However, if in the southern strip tubers can be germinated already in March, then in Siberia this is a later procedure. It is better to start it not earlier than the end of April.. To do this, you should:

  1. Pour sawdust into shallow flowerpots.
  2. Moisturize them.
  3. Lay out tubers.
  4. Sprinkle with a layer of sawdust.
  5. Place containers in a warm room.

cannes care

When sprouts appear, cannes can be transplanted into larger containers. In this case, the temperature of the content should be reduced to 18 -20 ° C, but the lighting should be good. In the garden, the grown bushes are transplanted no earlier than June. But until the very middle of summer, they must be covered with the arrival of the evening..

Cannes care and preparing flowers for winter

cannes in autumnGrowing chic beauties in Siberian gardens is no different from warmer regions. They also require a well-lit area, and tall varieties also require a lot of space. For them, the distance should be at least 50 – 60 cm. Before planting, it is advisable to add humus and complex fertilizer to the holes. Cannes love to eat well and in the future they also need to be fertilized every 3 weeks..

Given the rather large size of the leaves, it is worth paying more attention to watering the plants. The first time, after disembarking in the garden, it should be frequent. It is enough to water adult bushes once a month. But regular spraying of large chic foliage will only benefit the Cannes. The main thing is to spend it in the evening so that sunburns do not appear. Pruning faded inflorescences will help to maintain a beautiful appearance..

With the arrival of autumn, a decisive moment comes – the tubers need to be dug out before frost. Cannes do not overwinter in the garden, especially the Siberian one. Therefore, the aboveground part should be dug up, and the tubers themselves should be stored in the basement..

Storage of cannes in winter – video

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