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Forest berries – the name and photo of common edible and poisonous crops

Tell us what forest berries grow most often in the forest, name and photo is desirable. Gathered with friends on a family trip, at the same time we will look for mushrooms, I know a lot about them, especially about local species. But wild berries are still mostly a mystery to me, I am closely familiar only with lingonberries, they grew up with my grandmother. Are there any poisonous among forest berries??

forest berries photos and names In ancient times, berry picking was considered one of the crafts, thanks to which our ancestors found food for themselves and exchanged it for meat and skins. Today, with the choice of food, everything is much more fun with us, but everyone loves organic vegetables and fruits. And it is in the forest, far from the factories and plants that smoke the sky and pollute the air, that wild berries grow, the name and photo of which is important to know. Because all these plants are very beautiful, with a rich bright color, but not all of them can be eaten. And some berries can be seriously poisoned at all, even just by trying just one thing. So, which berries grow in the forest, which of them you can eat, and past which bushes it is better to pass without stopping?

Forest berries – the name and photo of the most common edible crops

Berry forest plants are a real vitamin pantry. Growing in the wild, they are not subject to the influence of “chemistry”. Therefore, they are very much appreciated in cooking, nutrition, and even in folk medicine..

Nature itself tells us which plants can be harvested for food. If you look closely, you can see berries pecked by birds under the bush. And they are smart individuals and will not peck a poisonous culture.

You can safely pick and eat such wild berries:

  1. Strawberries. Herbaceous bushes no more than 15 cm high are very similar to garden strawberries. Only the leaves and red fruits are of a more modest size. The berries are very sweet and aromatic, slightly elongated.strawberry
  2. Currant. Wild forms look the same as domesticated ones and come in black, yellow, and red..forest currant
  3. Raspberries. It also does not differ from the garden one, only it is never large.raspberry
  4. Bones. Small round berries are collected in a bunch, which resembles a raspberry fruit, but sour and with a stone.stone berry
  5. Blueberries. On shrubs up to 1 m high, dark blue glaucous fruits with sweet, juicy and light pulp ripen.blueberry
  6. Lingonberries. Short twigs with dark dense leaves are strewn with bright red sour berries.cowberry
  7. Blueberries. The berries are very similar to blueberries, only they grow on low, maximum 40 cm, bushes. And their juice is not light, but dark, coloring hands.blueberry
  8. Cloudberries. Herbaceous bush 30 cm high bears fruit with yellow sweet and sour berries.cloudberry

Caution, poisonous forest berries

Inedible berries usually have a more beautiful color and a bright, attractive appearance. But most of them even taste worse, with a pronounced tart or bitter note and an astringent aftertaste..

In no case should you eat such wild berries:

  1. Raven eye. The berries are similar to blueberries, almost black, with a bluish bloom.raven eye
  2. Belladonna. Dark purple berries grow one at a time and resemble cherries.belladonna
  3. Daphne. The bush is tall, the berries are red, small.daphne
  4. Privet. Tall shrubs with black fruits.privet
  5. Marsh calla. A perennial that looks almost like a calla flower. Only in the place of the cob inflorescence do red burning berries ripen.marsh calla

The most poisonous berries in Russia

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