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Three easy ways to breed Fittonia

Tell me how to propagate Fittonia? Last year I bought a beautiful plant with red leaves, so all my friends were already in line for it. I didn’t give it before, because as the bush was small, but now it is already quite lush, you can share it. I want to give them cuttings, is it possible?

fittonias Fittonia is one of the brightest decorative deciduous indoor plants. This herbaceous perennial looks very beautiful in a room interior, bringing an exotic fresh touch to it thanks to its unusual coloring. A lush bush with many painted leaves of the most varied colors is easy to grow at home, and its good survival rate will allow you to create a whole collection of plants.

How to propagate Fittonia? This can be done by applying one of the following options:

  • cuttings;
  • layering;
  • dividing the bush.

In addition, Fittonia is still propagated by seeds, however, of all the methods, this one is the most time-consuming and laborious, therefore, we will consider the first three methods..

Rooting cuttingsfittonia stalk

Fittonia propagates very well by cuttings. This procedure can be combined with rejuvenating pruning of the bush, so as not to throw away the cut tops of the shoots..

For plant propagation, you should choose cuttings no more than 8 cm long, on which there are at least three pairs of leaves.

There are two ways to root cuttings:

  • in water;
  • immediately in the soil.

In both cases, for successful and fast rooting, the container should be placed in a bag. When the apical shoots form their own root system (after about a month), they are transplanted into separate pots with nutrient soil. To give the bushes a compact shape, pinch the tops.

How to lay down?rooted cut

Fittonia has creeping shoots, which, when growing plants in wide pots, often start up additional, their own, roots.

If this does not happen, you can sprinkle part of the stem with earth, but no further than at a distance of 5 cm from the top of the branch.

When he starts up the roots, carefully separate the cuttings from the main bush with scissors and leave them in one pot for two weeks so that the young bush gets stronger. After this time, dig out the layering and plant it in a separate flowerpot..

Features of dividing the bushdividing a bush

In the spring, during the transplantation of an adult Fittonia, you can also divide an oversized bush into fragments and use them to propagate a flower..

Each section should have its own roots and at least two healthy shoots..

Delenki are immediately planted in pots and, thus, get an already formed young bush. Often, flower growers practice the simultaneous planting of several divisions in one bowl to create a fluffy bush..

We grow fittonia at home – video

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