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We grow brugmansia: features of care and methods of reproduction

I was presented with an adult brugmansia in a tub. I don’t know what to do with her, because I’ve seen such a miracle for the first time, and then my mother also asked for a “piece”. Tell me how to properly care for brugmansia and how you can propagate it?

brugmansia The beauty of brugmansia is a large shrub in the form of a tree from the Solanaceae family. The plant owes its popularity to amazingly beautiful inflorescences, which literally cover the bush, practically covering the foliage. Huge, half-meter gramophones hang from the branches in bunches and spread a rich, heavy aroma around them.

The homeland of brugmansia is the humid and warm tropics, but even in the local climate it will not be difficult to grow a beautiful tree. Taking into account the peculiarities of the character of a chic Tropican, even an inexperienced florist can cope with the care and reproduction of brugmansia.

How to care for brugmansia?

potted brugmansia

In order for a perennial to feel good and delight in lush flowering, it needs to provide suitable conditions for development, namely:

  1. Comfortable temperature. In the summer, the flower feels good outdoors, but for the winter the pot must be brought indoors. The minimum temperature values ​​for wintering brugmansia are 5-8 degrees Celsius, with minus indicators it dies.
  2. Good lighting. In a shaded place, the shrub will grow foliage, but its main decoration is flowering, you can not wait.
  3. Nutrient soil. Brugmansia loves fat and light soil, therefore, the substrate must contain humus, as well as peat.
  4. Abundant watering. In the summer, especially when you are outdoors, you should moisten the soil often, as soon as the top layer dries up. In the evening, spray the foliage, avoiding the ingress of water on the flowers. In wintering conditions in a cool room, watering is reduced to a minimum, but if the pot is in a warm room, leave the previous mode.
  5. Regular feeding. From the beginning of spring to late autumn, the flower needs complex fertilizers at least twice a month. In the spring, it is good to water brugmansia with a mullein solution, and during the flowering period, emphasize potassium-phosphorus fertilizers. In winter, a single top dressing is enough for a month, but only on condition that the bush hibernates in a heated room..
  6. Spring pruning. Starting from the second year of life, the bush in the month of March must be pruned annually. Remove dry and damaged shoots completely, and trim the remaining side branches by a third, thus stimulating more abundant flowering.

To prevent the branches from breaking under the weight of the abundance of flowers, put props under them. In addition, it is necessary to avoid places that are blown by the wind..

Reproduction methods

cuttings of brugmansia

Brugmansia reproduces in three ways:

  1. Seeds. In early spring, sow seeds under a film, and when 5 true leaves are formed on the seedlings, transplant them into separate pots.
  2. Cuttings. In March or September, cut off an annual branch with a bud, remove the leaves from it and place in a glass of water. When white dots (root buds) form on the handle, root it in the ground.
  3. Air layering. In order for roots to form on the shoot, it is necessary to select last year’s lignified branch and cut it in the shape of the letter V. Process the cut with Kornevin and put wet moss on it, wrapping it with a film on top. Moss the moss periodically. After about 2 months, air roots will appear, then cut the branch, remove the leaves and plant in the soil.

Video on how to grow brugmansia at home

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