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When to plant girlish grapes: optimal timing

Tell me when to plant maiden grapes? The neighbors have this liana just incomparable and has already woven a real wall between our sites. My wife and I decided to “fence off” with such a fence on the other side, and a neighbor promised to give a seedling in the spring. Just in case, we bought more seeds in the store. When is the best time to plant seedlings and sow seeds?

when to plant maiden grapes Girlish grapes are a real find for those who love unpretentious climbing vines. It grows almost everywhere, moreover, very quickly, “climbs” on any surface, winters well, is not demanding in care … What else is needed for a “lazy” garden? Perhaps, unless you know when to plant a girl’s grapes. Most often, this plant appears on the site in the form of a seedling. This is the fastest and easiest way to get a good shrub in a short time. If you are interested in some special variety that cannot be found in nurseries, it is quite possible to grow seedlings at home by sowing seeds. There will be no problems with the purchase of this planting material – the almighty Internet will always come to the rescue in searches.

Dates of planting seedlings of maiden grapes

planting a seedling A perennial liana is an unpretentious plant, which can be attributed to young seedlings. Grown, developed and healthy bushes take root well almost always, given the conditions of the local climate when planting.

In general, wild grape seedlings can be planted in one of the following ways:

  1. In the middle of spring, after the ground warms up and the frosts go away (April-early May). Spring planting is most often used in the central and northern lane. So the young grapes will have enough time to grow stronger before the onset of cold weather and winter without losses..
  2. In autumn, but not later than mid-October and not less than two weeks before the first frost. Autumn planting is used mainly in the southern regions, where winters are not particularly severe. But even here, young bushes should spend their first winter under cover..

The soil must be prepared in advance – at least a week before planting the seedling. A drainage layer should be poured into the dug planting hole. Instead of the excavated soil, it is better to fill the hole with nutritious soil: 2 parts each of compost and leafy soil, 1 part sand, 2 tbsp. ash. This will make it possible to do without additional feeding of the vines for three years..

When to plant maiden grapes from seeds

Growing decorative vines from seeds will take longer, but this is a great opportunity to get many plants at once.. Sowing time in open ground depends on how much you are ready to “tinker” with the seeds:

  1. The least hassle will be the autumn sowing of seeds in open ground. It can be carried out before winter, in the last decade of October, while the seeds do not need to be pre-processed in any way. They will spend winter in the cold, which will increase germination, and in spring they will give friendly sprouts.sowing seeds in open ground
  2. To carry out spring sowing, it is better to subject the seeds to long-term stratification. So, for the March sowing, the seeds should be sent to the refrigerator in January. To do this, they must be poured into a damp cloth bag and placed in a bag or tray. 3 days before sowing, all that remains is to soak the seeds in water and plant in pots. Seedlings can be planted in the garden in early summer..sowing seedlings

The condition of stratification is recommended to be observed by all gardeners. If you plant just dry seeds in the spring, they can sprout individually.

The optimal timing of planting girlish grapes – video

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