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The medicinal properties of willow loosestrife – a beautiful perennial with lilac flowers

It would be interesting to know the medicinal properties of willow loosestrife. I remember how as a child my mother always gave weed when we had a stool disorder after green apricots. I still have it in the closet, I never buy pills, the infusion always helps. I also noticed that the headache goes away from him, and I often have it lately. In what other cases is the plant useful, and are there any contraindications?

medicinal properties of willow loaf Lush and bright long loosestrife inflorescences can often be seen in flower beds and in front gardens. Did you know that this plant also has healing powers? Especially valuable are the medicinal properties of willow loosestrife – it is this species that is the most useful. Compared to large-flowered hybrid varieties, it loses significantly. But the benefits of this type are much greater and in folk medicine, weed is very much appreciated..

Description of the plant

willow loosestrife The willow loosestrife is called for the characteristic shape of the lanceolate leaves, similar to willow foliage. They have the ability to change color depending on the season, thanks to which the plant is used for decorative purposes. So, in spring and summer, the tall, up to 2 m, stalk of the loosestrife is covered with green leaves, and by autumn they become crimson. The bush is no less beautiful during flowering, when it releases a long panicle with many small purple flowers. It blooms in mid-summer and attracts bees. Honey obtained from the nectar of loosestrife flowers, fragrant and beautiful, almost transparent.

The loosestrife has many names, but most often it is called plakun – grass. A lover of moist soil, he is able to independently regulate the moisture content. If it is in excess, excess liquid is simply released through the leaves and drips down like tears..

The medicinal properties of the willow loosestrife

loosestrife honey plantIt is noteworthy that the plant is useful from the top to the roots. They, as well as the leaves, stem and flowers, contain many nutrients, oils, acids and vitamins.. Thanks to this, the loosestrife has a beneficial effect on the human body, namely:

  • heals wounds and other damage to the skin;
  • stops blood;
  • relieves the inflammatory process;
  • calms the nervous system;
  • removes cramps and colic;
  • neutralizes toxicosis;
  • serves as a bonding agent for diarrhea and stomach disorders;
  • helps fight insomnia.

Taking potions with a loosestrife can not be tied to food intake.

Contraindications to the treatment of loosestrife

loosestrife grassDespite its great healing power, in some cases, its use can aggravate the situation. So, in view of the fact that the herb lends blood vessels and increases pressure, it should be taken with caution in hypertensive patients. In addition, you can not self-medicate and take loosestrife for chronic constipation, blood clots, atherosclerosis. The plant is also contraindicated for people who have rapid blood clotting..

What does the willow loaf look like and what is useful – video

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