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Intoxicating and poisonous, but such a useful wild rosemary – medicinal properties and contraindications

Tell me, does wild rosemary really help with cough, medicinal properties and contraindications of this plant, which diseases still apply? My husband has chronic bronchitis, suffers from bouts of dry cough, sputum leaves heavily. The medications have already been changed several times, they do not help, only temporary relief, and then these attacks again. A neighbor advised me to try wild rosemary, but I heard that it is very poisonous.

rosemary medicinal properties and contraindications This marsh dweller can often be found in the garden, because evergreen bushes look spectacular, especially when delicate white flowers bloom. However, the plant was not famous for its decorativeness. Ledum – medicinal properties and contraindications of this herb have long been used in folk medicine. And all because of the high amount of specific essential oils contained in the leaves, twigs and flowers. It was they who endowed the wild rosemary with a unique, sharp and even slightly unpleasant aroma. But at the same time, oils and other useful substances can also do a good job, saving us from various diseases..

Ledum – medicinal properties and contraindications

wild rosemary Under natural conditions, a plant from the heather family will melt in peat bogs – it is very fond of moist and acidic soil. Depending on the species, wild rosemary can be about 20 cm in height or exceed 1 m. But all its varieties are evergreen and form branched bushes with erect stems and a deep branched root system. The twigs are covered with narrow dark green leaves, the edges of which are curled downward. Both the underside of the leaf plate and young shoots are covered with pubescence..

In late spring, wild rosemary blooms in small flowers, collected in corymbose inflorescences with a sweet and simply stupefying smell. The most common is white rosemary, but there are types with cream and pink flowers..marsh rosemary

The entire aerial part of the plant contains many useful substances:

  • essential oils;
  • tannins;
  • flavonoids;
  • different acids;
  • minerals;
  • vitamins;
  • enzymes.

Leaves, along with shoots, are harvested in spring or early summer, when wild rosemary blooms. It was during this period that they contain the most essential oils, and the highest percentage of them is found in young growth..

How wild rosemary works on the human body

dried rosemaryTea, decoctions, infusions, tinctures, oils and even ointments and drops are made from twigs and leaves. These funds help in the treatment of various diseases, namely:

  • promote the secretion of phlegm and facilitate the course of bronchitis, tuberculosis and whooping cough;
  • relieve itching and inflammation on the skin, especially after an insect bite;
  • maintain salt balance by stimulating sweat and urination;
  • stop inflammatory processes in the body, having a bactericidal and disinfectant effect;
  • dilate blood vessels and have hypotensive properties.

The most effective rosemary in diseases of the respiratory tract, as well as diseases of the skin and joints. It is also taken in the complex treatment of diabetes mellitus, hypertension, dysentery..

In what cases it is impossible to use rosemary for treatment

wild rosemaryBefore starting treatment, it is worth remembering that wild rosemary still belongs to poisonous plants. The scent of its flowers causes headaches and confusion. The same symptoms can appear while taking funds from wild rosemary, if you are allergic to it..

In addition, it is not recommended to give such medicinal infusions to children, pregnant and lactating women. It is strictly forbidden to use rosemary in the presence of serious liver and kidney problems (hepatitis and glomerulonephritis). And also for hypotonic patients due to the properties of wild rosemary to lower blood pressure.

What is the bog ledum famous for?

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