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Unique healing properties of golden mustache

I have a large bush of a golden mustache, once received by a cut from a generous neighbor. She also advised to always keep such a flower, she says that it helps with many diseases. Please tell us about the healing properties of the golden mustache? Does he have any contraindications for use??

mustache and cat A gorgeous bush of a golden mustache with large green leaves and long, branching and succulent shoots is one of the old-timers of indoor plants. He was especially honored by our grandmothers, who treated the whole family with tinctures from the plant. And today this flower does not lose its popularity, since it has an amazing healing power that can relieve a person from many sores..

In the scientific literature, the golden mustache is known as fragrant callesia..

What is the use?medicinal properties

The healing properties of the golden mustache make the plant a unique family doctor who is always at hand and will help to cope with any disease, both youthful acne and more “age-related” problems. The rich chemical composition contained in the leaves, shoots and the root system has a positive effect on the human body, among which it is worth noting the following points:

  • regulates the level of glucose and hemoglobin in the blood;
  • relieves inflammation and accelerates wound healing;
  • promotes the discharge of sputum with bronchitis;
  • soothes a sore throat;
  • improves the quality of vision with myopia and hyperopia;
  • treats skin diseases (herpes, fungus of nails and feet, warts and boils), as well as frostbite and burns up to 2 degrees of severity;
  • fights ulcers, gallbladder inflammation and cholecystitis;
  • relieves inflammatory processes in the liver;
  • helps to get rid of hemorrhoids and constipation;
  • relieves arrhythmia;
  • minimizes the manifestation of atherosclerosis;
  • relieves pain and inflammation in joint diseases (arthritis, osteochondrosis, gout);
  • eases the manifestations of osteoporosis and sciatica;
  • cleanses the skin.

The maximum concentration of nutrients in the aboveground part of the plant is reached in autumn..

Who cannot be treated with a golden mustache?Golden mustache

The healing effect of the golden mustache is not suitable for everyone, and for some categories it is generally contraindicated to use the plant as a medicine, especially inside. These include:

  1. Children.
  2. Women in position.
  3. Breastfeeding mothers.
  4. Allergy sufferers.
  5. Men with prostate or kidney disease.

Possible side effectside effects

Fragrant Kallesia is one of the most potent plants used in folk medicine. The use of home preparations prepared on its basis should be strictly dosed, since the flower is poisonous.

Evidence that the dosage is violated, or there are side effects, are the following symptoms:

  • an allergic reaction on the skin and swelling of the mucous membranes;
  • decrease in the timbre of the voice (coarsening) with prolonged use of funds;
  • headache;
  • general weakness;
  • cough (dry);
  • hormonal imbalance (problems with conception).

If at least one of the described symptoms appears, treatment must be discontinued..

Video about treatment with a golden mustache: what diseases does it heal

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