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Features of planting irises: when, where and how

I took out a few deeds of long-desired irises with beautiful coloring, however, it is almost winter on our street. Tell me how to plant irises correctly and is it possible to temporarily (until spring) put them in pots?

how to plant irises Even on a combined flower bed, irises are always the first to catch the eye, and even when they grow in separate compositions, it is difficult to take your eyes off these handsome men. Narrow tall leaves, long peduncles, large chic inflorescences with a wide variety of colors will become a real decoration of the site. In addition, these perennial flowers do not require constant attention: they grow in one place for up to 5 years, and some varieties – twice as long. Let’s talk about how to plant irises correctly so that they retain their decorative effect for a long time and decorate the flower bed. Read: When to transplant irises in spring?

When to plant?planting iris

You can start planting irises:

  1. Summer. If the planting material (cut, layering or fan) is taken from adult bushes, this should be done two weeks after the end of their flowering. At this time, new links have already formed on the rhizomes, but their roots themselves are in the initial stage, and the flower buds have not yet tied.
  2. In autumn. It is necessary to finish planting no later than mid-September so that the irises have time to take root before the first frost. The planting material must have already formed flower buds and a developed root system..
  3. In the spring. The planting of irises begins in late April – early May, when the earth warms up well.

Most often, irises are propagated after flowering or in autumn – this is how young plants manage to take root and grow stronger before winter, and bloom in the next season.

If the iris was received in late autumn, it must be planted in a pot and put in a cellar for the winter. Such a plant is planted on a flower bed in spring..

Where to plant?where to plant

For irises, it is necessary to choose a well-lit place where stagnation of water is excluded. Draft areas should also be avoided..

Perennials grow well in almost any soil, but they prefer fertile soil. Heavy clay soils are not very suitable for growing such plants..

Heavy soil should be diluted with peat and sand, light sandy soil should be added with clay soil, and poor soil should be enriched with organic matter a year before planting irises, additionally adding mineral fertilizers during planting. Alkaline earth lime.

How to plant?landing pattern

To plant the iris, you need to dig a shallow hole and put a small mound in its center. Set the iris on a mound, straighten the rhizomes so that they are evenly located on the sides of the elevation. The top should remain above the soil surface to keep the plant from rotting. When planting bulbous irises, the bulb should be deepened to two of its heights..

The exception is bearded irises – they are buried a couple of centimeters, additionally mulched from above.

Choosing and planting irises correctly – video

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