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Late apple varieties with names are the best choice for winter storage

Please advise what late varieties of apples can be planted, a photo with the name, if possible. We have a summer apple tree growing, probably from the early ones, and one semi-tree, but already very old. Every year her branch dries up, only a couple of pieces are left. And I want to have my own fruit for the winter, so I decided to plant at least a couple of seedlings. What varieties are the most delicious and are stored for a long time?

late varieties of apples with a photo and a name In winter, as never before, you want fresh fruits, especially apples, so sweet, but juicy … And preferably your own, natural, grown without chemicals. And the best option is to plant late varieties of apples in your garden, the photo with the name of which we will study today. There is nothing to argue about the advantages of this approach. The fruits will certainly be natural, cannot be compared with the store ones. In addition, you will not have to spend money on them, and after all, out of season, and even in a lean year, apples cost a lot. After waiting just a couple of years, you will receive your vitamin harvest and be able to prepare winter supplies.

Late varieties of apples – photo with the name

kinds of winter apples The main difference between late (or winter) species is the maturation period. Late apples are picked last, and most are at the semi-ripeness stage. During storage, which lasts several times longer, almost until the new harvest, the fruits ripen. At the same time, they only become tastier and almost do not deteriorate..

Late varieties of apples are mostly universal. Thanks to their long storage time, they can be eaten fresh all year round. And also make blanks, use for filling in pies and much more..

All late varieties can be divided into three groups, depending on the timing of ripening:

  • early winter;
  • late (or winter, or mid-late);
  • late winter.

Early winter apple varieties

The first fruits that can be safely sent to storage in the cellar ripen already closer to mid-September. These are varieties such as:

  1. Golden Rangers with yellowish fruits, slightly similar in taste to pear.apple variety golden rangers
  2. Jonathan with medium-sized apples of a slightly ribbed conical shape in red. Many call the variety late autumn, especially in the south..jonathan apple variety
  3. Macintosh with rounded small fruits completely covered in burgundy blush.apple variety mac

Mid-winter apple varieties

At the end of September, the following winter apple trees are ready for harvest:

  1. Bogatyr with large juicy greenish-yellow fruits with pink blush.bogatyr apple variety
  2. Perlyna of Kiev with ribbed fruits weighing from 150 g of raspberry color.kiev pearl apple variety
  3. Syabryna with round fruits completely painted with red blush.sabryn apple variety

Late winter apple varieties

They ripen the very last, closer to mid-October, or even at the end of the month. These are apples:

  1. North Sinup with medium fruits, the green skin of which is covered with an almost solid blush.apple variety north sinup
  2. Idared with sweet and sour red fruits.apple variety idared
  3. Bolotovskoe with pale red sour fruits.Bolotovskoe apple variety

Video review of the best varieties of apples for winter storage

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